True Crime Creepers

Do y’all need a little sister??

I am a true crime fanatic. My dad is in prison, but I am finally free. I listen to podcasts all day long, most are pretty vulgar and in depth of details. Not with these gals, which is always nice to hear what I love but it also be more lighthearted.. if true crime could even be that. I’m also very picky on voices, but Kristin you’re a great talker and story teller and Mogab with the comebacks are just enough to make you giggle a time or two. I just recently came across them and assumed they were super socially popular, but they genuinely make me feel like im talking to my older sisters and it’s been a good week of binging everyday from the beginning and I cannot recommend them enough!

OH, also unpopular opinion but the Scott Peterson episode ✨totally✨wrecked my brain and I do not think he’s guilty after hearing Kristins perspective!

Nov. 16, 2021 by Brennalin7 on Apple Podcasts

True Crime Creepers