True Crime Creepers

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Kristin and Mogab are phenomenal. Kristin’s research is well done and her synopsis is very succinct and informative. While telling the story - Mogab does NOT feel like merely the sidekick with stunted overdramatic gasps and random, forced questions of why; how come; did they?

I also love that most of the stories that Kristin shares are either new-to-me. Or when they are tales I have heard before - it’s not the same regurgitation of information.

A huge pet peeve of mine is when the narrators mispronounce words - especially words they use a lot. Thankfully these ladies do not. And of course, a massive plus in their favor is that their voices are not “annoying” or “whiny”.

I don’t know how else to stress the fact that you should be listening to True Crime Creepers if you enjoy listening to intelligent people talking about factual, true crime with minimal sidetracking in a witty, well-thought out presentation.

July 22, 2021 by Mercsadies on Apple Podcasts

True Crime Creepers