True Crime Creepers

Love these 2!

I have loved this podcast since it’s inception. I’m not one to usually leave reviews; but after reading a few of the negative nellie reviews-

I just had to say something. Just in case anyone needs this explained to them here it goes: if you want more in-depth coverage or never before heard information, don’t rely on an hour long podcast to fill that need. IT’S A FLIPPIN PODCAST, ie it’s for ENTERTAINMENT (and entertaining it is!). Perhaps my biggest pet peeve a History/Historic preservation major are people who feel the need to humble-brag that they have a college degree. OMG they have a Liberal Arts degree they definitely know so much about about the world, and should totally insult random podcasters on what they are doing wrong (I’m sure anybody with an English Lit degree will understand that last sentence was sarcasm, but just in case-that was sarcasm).

This podcast is funny. It has good information, keeps cases that are unsolved talked about, they have great banter, and I can tell they are great friends. I think they are awesome. I will keep listening to it. We all have choices in this life. You can choose to listen to this podcast, you choose not to listen to it; but leaving a humble-braggy, passive aggressive review of a random podcast is probably not the best choice you could’ve made.

March 3, 2023 by nikicrowe21 on Apple Podcasts

True Crime Creepers