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May 13, 2021

A Darkness Within: The Angela Diaz Story

A Darkness Within: The Angela Diaz Story
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This week, Kristin tells Mogab all about Angela Diaz. She was an attorney and a survivor of cervical cancer who had finally found love in Ian Diaz. They were married within a month of meeting each other, and a few months after that Angela became pregnant with twins! Everything was going great for the new couple, until someone started a major harassment campaign against Angela. She started receiving threatening emails, and someone started posting ads on Craigslist, posing as Angela and asking men to make her rape fantasies come true. It became clear that the longer this person continued, the more danger Angela was in. But she knew exactly who was posting the ads and sending the emails....


Los Angeles Times | Woman is Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Framing Husband’s Ex-fiancée in Craigslist Rape Fantasy Plot (Alene Tchekmedyian)

Fox 5 | Woman Jailed for Months in ‘Rape Fantasy’ Hoax Was Actually a Victim, DA Says (Tribune Media Wire)

Film Daily | True Crime Tales: Why Did Angela Diaz Frame her Husband’s Ex? (Bec Heim)

BuzzFeed News | A “Rape Fantasy” Plot Sent Her To Jail. Now She’s Fighting Back. (Jessica Testa)

OC Weekly |  Judge Isn't Impressed With Wrongly Arrested Lady's Case Against Deputy U.S. Marshal (Scott Moxley) 

Courthouse News Service | Anaheim Settles Lawsuit by Woman Framed in ‘Rape Fantasy’ Case (Martin Macias Jr.)

Daily Beast | Real-Life ‘Gone Girl’ Framed Love Rival in Twisted Craigslist Rape Plot (Kate Briquelet)

PowerPoint | People vs. Angela Diaz and Exoneration of Michelle Hadley

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