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My new favorite!

Love these girls! They’re hilarious but compassionate and respectful to the victims.


I’m obsessed with these two! I feel like we would be best friends in real life. They're hilarious and relatable. Kristin tells the stories so well with as much information and honesty as possible. Binge listened to the entire podcast and ignored all my other favorites for awhile, I can’t get enough!

I Love these hosts!

I’m a fan of true crime, but a bigger fan of the two hosts. Great balance of crime & a conversation between life long friends.

Love these two!

Love the way Kristin tells stories. Mogab cracks me up. Reminds me of myself some days! They both are great!

Favorite true crime podcast!

My sister introduced me to this show and it has become the one podcast I wait for religiously! The way they interact really keeps me entertained and really draws me into the story’s!

Are there only 5 stars?

I absolutely love listening to these ladies. During an episode centered in WV I had an issue with the way the state was presented and I brought it up in a fb group. Kristen happened to be apart of that group, saw my (hastily and rudely) made post - really sorry about that - and in the next weeks episode apologized and mentioned all the great things I’d said about our state. I love that the two of you are so down to earth and even when I was being a rude a**, fixed things and made them better. I’m back to being a weekly listener and always look forward to your content. Forever a fan. ❤️


I love these guys!! Best podcast ever!!

Famous adjacent squared

Edit*** I wrote this review months ago but clearly never hit the send*** I’m glad I stumbled upon you ladies! Usually “side hosts” are pretty useless… but Mogab is the literal best! You two crack me up! Although I’ve already heard most of the cases you have, I don’t mind listening to them at all because you have soooo much more content!! Btw - you really did a # on me with the Scott P. Case… I’m so confused it hurts my brain. Ps Kristen… I love your “mmmhmm” 🤣

The best!

Hands down one of my favorite true crime podcasts! They are such a great duo! I wish I could be best friends with them! Lol ❤️

Love these 2!

That’s all. Totally love them. Just listen-you’ll love them too!! Much love to you guys from C-bus!!

Love these girls!

Kristin and Morgan remind me of me and my friends. So funny! I just started listening to these podcasts andI’m hooked!

I would give this 10 stars if I could!!

I honestly find it so hard to come across a true crime podcast that I truly love! For some reason, the way the story is told can make me love it or hate it! There are some pods that are telling such interesting stories but the way it’s delivered is so cringe and I can’t get through just one episode! With that being said, I freaking love this podcast! Not only do I love be the delivery but you girls are so flipping funny! Mogab is hilarious and I love that Kristen thinks her friend is so funny. Honestly, you girls are a treat to listen to! I am so happy I found this podcast!!!

My New True Crime BFFs!!!

I randomly found y’all yesterday and have been BINGING ever since!!! I love you both equally, but Kristin’s laugh is EVERYTHING 🙌🏼😂 #obsessed

Awesome show

I just discovered y’all. Love the show!

The best crime show podcast

I love to listen to this duo talk about thrilling and bizarre murders and mysteries and sprinkling in pop culture references, jokes and commentary. Perfect show to listen to any time during my busy day.



Just what I needed

Kristin is a great storyteller and host, and Mogab is truly everything I didn’t know I needed. She reminds me of the 22 year old daughter we lost in the Tennessee floods in 2021. It’s delightful how similar they are. It has helped my grieving Mama heart.

My favorite!

The highlight of my week is when the new episode comes out! I smile so big listening to both of you tell a story, it keeps me laughing! Keep them coming!

10/10 recommend

I adore this podcast. Kristin’s storytelling is captivating and Mogab’s hilarity is the cherry on top. I look forward to Thursdays every week!

Love being a true crime creeper

New to the show, it was recommended to listen to for more info on Anna Delvey. Once I listened to that episode I knew I had to go back and start from the beginning. I have an hour drive too and from work each day and love listening to Kristin tell the stories and hearing Mogab’s responses! Not sure I can pick a fav yet. But I was blown away with Coco Chanel and the Brittany episodes. I learned so much!

Did we just become best friends?!

Stumbled upon this podcast and I immediately felt like I found my two new best friends! 1. Kristin- you are my kindred spirit. Gimme all the stories. You’re fantastic at telling them. I’ve got some good ones I’d love to hear you tell. I’ll be sending an email 2. Mogab- oh Mogab, I too have a Louise (but her name is Sharon, Marie if she’s feisty) you are my spirit animal. You make me laugh so hard it hurts and a little bit of pee comes out sometimes. But I digress. You’re both amazing and don’t stop being weirdos! I love it!

My new faves

Loving this podcast. My kind of ladies telling the stories in funny yet respectful way

Refreshing and Fun

These girls rock! A fresh, fun, podcast with just the right touch of banter. It’s a real credit to the style of storytelling when familiar stories are still a compelling listen. The tone is light but don’t be fooled, these are whip smart women with astute commentary and broad cultural references. Love this podcast, and I’m not even close to being a millennial.

Love the creepers!

I am loving this podcast! It is the perfect mix of true crime and chatting. I listen to A LOT of true crime and this is already one of my faves. They truly make you feel like you are in the room with them! I just started listening recently, and I’m obsessed!

A Must for True Crime Fans

I recently discovered this podcast and I am binge listening! kristin and Mogab remind me of me and my sister having a conversation about true crime stories. I love the logical way Kristin lays out the facts and the great and sometimes funny questions Mogab asks about the story. Having said all of that, I really love the fact that they lay extra information that was not presented in trials. This is a must for any true crime fan!!

Always an adventure ✨

It’s cases you may have heard before but listening to Kristen and mogab go thru is wonderful. Mogab’s reactions and Kristen’s recounting of the cases is out of this world and something everyone needs to experience! Excited for what’s to come!

New Favorite!!

As a stay at home mom to a rambunctious three year old, I feel like this podcast gives me some adult conversation. Listing to Kristen and Mogab is like having a conversation with friends. These ladies are my new favs! True crime stories to well with the right amount of humor.

Love this podcast!

Surprised it’s not more popular! If you like My Favorite Murder or Morbid, you’ll love this one

Pretty good

I really enjoy this podcast. Both ladies are hilarious. The only thing is Kristen is all over the place with her stories. It’s very hard to follow at times.

Love this podcast!

The True Crime Creepers are very easy on the ears! It’s like listening to my friend tell me a story! Keep up the great work!

My two favorite hosts ever

These girls have me cracking up while hearing my favorite true crime stories. Have binged almost all the episodes in order starting with episode 1. Can’t get enough of mogabs responses and Kristen does a great job being informed and ready for her questions. But we need more flow charts! Just saying. Thanks you two for some great hours with you! Can’t wait to be caught up! Xoxo

Nancy Grace

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a better Nancy Grace impression. Truly deceased!

So much fun!!

I’m totally new to try crime and I am now addicted thanks to you two. You guys are so entertaining, y’all make it feel like I’m just hanging out with my girl friends. Keep it up ladies!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Highly enjoyable

As someone who has already listened to a ton of true crime podcasts, I love these two and they feel like a breath of fresh air. It's entertaining to hear a self-proclaimed newbie digest the details of famous and lesser known crimes, and Kristin does great research, often pointing out things I didn't know already. I look forward to new episodes and an enjoying working through their old eps.


I just discovered these ladies a couple of weeks ago and I'm so in love! I just love their personalities they seem like they are a good time lol! I work night shift at Walmart and this podcast helps me get through those long nights! I enjoy every story they tell and love their energy they have me cracking up at work! Continue the good work ladies! Im almost done with all the past episodes I can't wait for more. Happy new year Kristin and Mogab you guys rock!

True Crime Creepers is awesome!

I really enjoy listening to true crime stories and this has become my favorite podcast. The dynamic between Kristin and Mogab is really special and you feel like you’re among friends while the show is on. I appreciate the depth of the coverage they present ana the research that goes on behind the scenes to present cases to us.

The Best True Crime Duo!

I’m a true crime fan and have been for many years. This is by far my FAVORITE podcast. They cover cases in such a way that it’s informative, respectful to the victims and also light hearted enough not to depress the listener. They’re also hilarious! I love listening and I always recommend their show to everyone I meet.

Y’all crack me up… and tell…

Captivating stories. Thank you!!

Also A True Crime Newbie

I’ve never been into true crime because I always thought it was scary or a little gruesome but this duo does a great job of keeping things to the facts and respectful while lightening it up where they can! Great job ladies, I’m a huge fan!

Love TCC

Can’t get enough of these gals and all things true crime creepers!

The best!!!

This podcast is so entertaining! I look forward to each episode and think Kristin and Mogab make the perfect team!

True crime at its best

Absolutely love it. Inspired me to do my own podcast!!

I’m a true crime newbie too!

Never listened to any true crime pod before this and never knew how much I’d get sucked in! So many of these episodes had me gasping in shock 🤣 thank you for all your work to make this happen ladies!! xo, your DG sister!

Just found this!! So good!

So glad I found this podcast! The girls are so funny and they do a great job of telling a captivating story with humor mixed in. Love them! They are the bees knees 🐝🍯

Love this show and need more of it

So fun, so engaging, hilarious convos. Great for fans of true crime and, really, for anyone. I know they put out a lot of episodes but I need more! The contrast between the hosts is great. Mogab is a great audience stand-in as we dive into these stories. Love this show! #nosywiththelightson

Very good! Love it!

This podcast is informative and super funny. I love their laughter, it makes me smile. Give this a listen and follow for sure!

Do y’all need a little sister??

I am a true crime fanatic. My dad is in prison, but I am finally free. I listen to podcasts all day long, most are pretty vulgar and in depth of details. Not with these gals, which is always nice to hear what I love but it also be more lighthearted.. if true crime could even be that. I’m also very picky on voices, but Kristin you’re a great talker and story teller and Mogab with the comebacks are just enough to make you giggle a time or two. I just recently came across them and assumed they were super socially popular, but they genuinely make me feel like im talking to my older sisters and it’s been a good week of binging everyday from the beginning and I cannot recommend them enough! OH, also unpopular opinion but the Scott Peterson episode ✨totally✨wrecked my brain and I do not think he’s guilty after hearing Kristins perspective!

Adjacent to the Famous Adjacent

As a a fellow Texan, it is a joy to listen to Kristin and Morgan!! My daughter and I are both listeners. I love all the references to the Lone Star State (although Texas needs to answer for it’s MANY recent crimes!)! Am I right?!? Many other true crime podcasts attempt to follow this format but most fall short. Kristin and Mogab have great banter and bring in funny back stories. I love that Mogab is getting more actively involved in Kristin’s retelling (She’s learning so much!)! So happy to have found your podcast!!


I commute an hour and a half to work and your podcast has saved me and kept me entertained! Thanks so much I’ve been looking for an amazing listen !


Let me just say….I am not a true crime newbie. I have been listening to true crime and watching dateline since way before I should have. This podcast though, is my new obsession. I find myself laughing, being absolutely horrified and crying all during one episode. I learn fascinating facts….like the difference between freeways and highways. I also have the incredible urge to go check out a Waffle House (why are they not in Oregon?). Keep up the good work ladies. I look forward to being a screen shot in your texts! Casey from Oregon ❤️

New Favorite True Crime Pod!

I love this show! The story is easy to follow and well researched, and these two have great energy and chemistry! It is a fun listen (even though the subject matter is very dark so maybe fun isn’t the right word). Very well done show! I was told about the show by some DG sisters and glad they did! (ITB!)


OMG After just one listen you chicas ROCK. Psst… always wondered why I couldn’t go trick or treating. And literally in my back door.

Absolutely my favorite!!

Stumbled upon this amazing true crime podcast that I am now binging because I can’t get enough! I, like Mogab, haven’t heard most of these stories so am sitting here clueless right along with you girl!!

Famous adjacent squared

I’m glad I stumbled upon you ladies! Usually “side hosts” are pretty useless… but Mogab is the literal best! You two crack me up! Although I’ve already heard most of the cases you have, I don’t mind listening to them at all because you have soooo much more content!! Btw - you really did a # on me with the Scott P. Case… I’m so confused it hurts my brain. Ps Kristen… I love your “mmmhmm” 🤣

Perfect pair!

I just came across this podcast a few weeks ago and I love it! Kristin and Mogab are so funny together while still telling these stories respectfully. Love, a fellow DG sister!

My new little weekly treat!

Mogab and Kristen are just TOO funny. This podcast is like hanging with two girlfriends and hearing about true crime. I love the combination of Kristen telling the story while Mogab listens and is completely CLUELESS about pop culture references. You learn a little something about victims right, police procedure and the workings of the criminal mind. This podcast really is worth a listen!


I can’t wait to hear the new podcast every Thursday! I appreciate Mogab and Kristen. LOVE them and their banter. Listening now… rodeo jewelry and her grapefruit tree. I just can’t. Can we please meet Linda from LaPorte… before rodeo season is in full swing?


Call me weird, because I am, but I love funny true crime pods with witty banter and details and this one has it. They’re truly funny, sarcastic, have great chemistry and cool shows and info. Really good pod. If you don’t like witty banter and laughing when hearing about murder stories and details then it’s not for you, but obviously you don’t have a sense of humor and take life too seriously.

Amazing podcast!

My only complaint is that, for some mysterious reason, I always crave waffles while listening. 🤔🧇

Awesome podcast

I have some catching up to do on other crime podcasts because all i have been listening to is true crime creepers. Love it, so entertaining also, Lets just say it’ll never be the same asking for a high chair ever again haha ( you’ll understand when listen to amy bishop episode)

Love these two girls!!

I listen to this podcast at the gym, at work, while, I clean, and even in the car. The bond between these two friends is so amazing. Even though it is about true crime they somehow keep it light. Kristin’s laugh is contagious! And I love how Mogab is always lost in the sauce. Especially when she said “Cher is in Clueless?” 🤣😂. Thanks for keeping me entertained ladies!!

Tha Best

Y’all! I ran out of episodes of one of my other crime shows and just came across TCC because I got obsessed with Adnan Syed…. Anyway, this is my FAV podcast ever!!!

I love this podcast!

I love listening to this podcast while I work! It makes me laugh, gets me riled up, makes me cry. Such a wonderful duo and very fun to listen to.

Love these two!!

Such an great podcast!!! One of my faves, their banter is hilarious. Mogab is mostly clueless about pop culture (same, girl..) as well as the crimes Kristin tells her about. Kristin does great research and hearing Mogab put the pieces together as Kristin tells the story is so funny. The stories are tragic (usually) but some are lighter than others.. I loved the Anna Sorokin episode. They do a good job of balancing telling the story with going waaaay off topic talking about The Fast and the Furious and the Waffle House.. highly recommend this podcast (and if you love it join their Patreon - it’s so good!!)

My new favorite ❤️

Love this podcast - look forward to each new episode.


If you love true crime this is a great podcast! I have embarrassingly been binging this podcast. It gets into a lot of different cases but also does a great job with comedic relief. 100% recommend.

Perfect combination of compassion and humor!!

I just recently found this podcast and absolutely love!! Everything is just right, the humor, the banter, deep dives and most of all the compassion. Looking forward to many more episodes!


Listened to this podcast on a road trip and it was a great listen!

New Crime Podcast Queens!

I love both Kristen and Mogab. They’re show is literally incredible. I recommend their show to every true crime fanatic I meet!


I am the best person ever and as such i only listen to the best things ever. Therefore, this is the only podcast I listen to. ✌🏾


Love these two girls. Not too much banter in the beginning of each show. They pretty much jump right in. I love banter, don’t get me wrong but they do it while talking about the show. I wanted to listen to something similar to morbid and Sinisterhood and this is pretty close!

My first review ever 😁

Absolutely love Kristin and Mogab’s relationship! I find myself laughing out loud with them like we have been friends for years! Mogab not knowing anything until the recording is priceless and feels so genuine… unlike other super scripted podcasts! These girls are my new favorites!


I’m a theatre teacher in the Clear Lake area (what’s up Kristin!?) and I learned about your podcast when a parent showed up in your merch! Been binging it ever since…I literally cannot get enough - as soon as I finish binging I'm becoming a patron - I listen to a lotta true crime and that’s not something I’ve ever done before. These ladies are fantastic and Mogab’s commentary feels like every non true crime friend I try to casually tell true crime stories to 🤣

Can’t Miss this Duo

This is truly entertaining and data driven. If your time is limited, move this one to the top of your list. The balance of humor and facts makes this series worth every minute. These two story tellers are going to leave their mark on crime podcasts!


I just found out about your podcast and I’m in awe how amazing you are!!! I’m hooked and will be sharing with my daughter you also loves true crime!!


Just found you two and love the banter ! Keep up the awesome content and look forward to catching up (currently on the collar bomb pt2 LOL)

Episode 46

I need a part two on the Angela green case when there’s new updates i hope Ellie gets justice for her mom. Also this my favorite crime podcast!

Really Enjoying This Podcast

I am binge listening to y’all! It’s so good. So glad I stumbled upon True Crime Creepers. Each episode is interesting, and I love the way the stories are told. The commentary is also so good and makes me laugh each episode.


I literally can NOT stop listening to this podcast! I’ve suggested it to just about everyone I know!!! Y’all are hilarious!! My boyfriend keeps having to remind me that y’all aren’t actually my friends and we’ve never met 😂😂

Just listen

These gals are so funny and literally SO enjoyable to listen to. Kristin is very diligent with her reporting and Mogab…. I haven’t seen the fast & furious either. You’re not alone sis. 💁🏼‍♀️🤣 just listen to them! You won’t regret it.

New favorite podcast!

The chemistry between these girls is immaculate, I feel like I’m hanging out with my bffs. This true crime podcast is informative and well thought out. I’m thankful for the silly banter, it’s kept to a minimum but it’s enough to keep these serious topics lighthearted enough to be able to listen to. I also love that most of the cases they cover are so unique and uncommon. 10/10 would recommend True Crime Creepers!

My besties

Umm so you guys are my favorite “people EVER that I’ve never met but feel like we are best friends”!

julia garcia

i absolutely love you guys. you guys are hilarious and the way Kristen go so deep into the stories make me feel like i’m literally there !! i love listening to very podcast, can’t even listen to another crime podcast if it’s doesn’t have mogab saying “get in line for the blame buffet” !!

4 WORDS: So so so good 💜

I loooove this podcast so much! I think it’s the best of its kind; funny, respectful, and detailed. Kristin is a phenomenal storyteller and paints a full picture that’s easy to follow, and she and Mogab are always respectful of the crimes that they’re talking about. On top of that, they undoubtedly find a way to make me laugh; Mogab’s shade is my favorite!! Kristin and Mogab are the first thing that I listen to every Thursday morning, and they truly make my commute so much better. I’ve tried a lot of crime podcasts, and I really believe True Crime Creepers is at the top of the game! I’m so happy a colleague suggested this podcast to me, and I would suggest to any true crime junkie!!

Great podcast

My wife and I love this podcast , very informative . Thank you!

Love these ladies!!

I have to say, finding a podcast that can make me laugh while talking true crime is tough! These ladies have done it! A must listen💖

My favorite podcast!

This is my favorite true crime podcast, by far. I love the chemistry between Kristin and Mogab. There isn’t a bunch of fluff but they have great chemistry and make it very interesting.

Cant wait for Thursday’s

Hands down my favorite podcast! I’ve listened to many true crime podcasts and once I discovered True Crime Creepers I was hooked. Legit, the only one that can make me laugh out loud. You guys are awesome, please don’t ever stop!

Awesome Podcast

I love this podcast . One of my favorites!!! Thanks for your hard work 💜💜

True Crime & Waffle House = Awesomeness

Newbie listener and loving it!!! What could be better than true crime and waffles? Great storytelling, great vibes, and tons of laughs.

Officially a creeper

PROS: this podcast gives me a reason to giggle in the morning while I’m getting ready for work. CONS: I discovered True Crime Creepers less than two weeks ago and I’ve already burned through every episode. I LOVE THIS PODCAST AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR EVERYONE TO LOVE IT TOO. Thank you both for being such entertaining hosts! sincerely, a new loyal listener from South Korea.

So much fun

I love this podcast. Kristin and Mogab get me laughing out loud with their back and forth, and the storytelling is very well done!

One of my favorite crime podcasts!

These girls are so fun to listen to and laugh with! Great sorry telling and authentic girl talk mixed in! Love listening to some fellow Texas State alumni! ♥️🐾

Thank you!

I found your Podcast when you commented on a post in a Morbid Facebook group Kristin. I listened and I was hooked! I live in Springfield, OR (home of the Diana Downs tragedy and the Thurston shooting), so true crime has always been “My Thing”! Thank you for helping me get through my day!!! You ladies are awesome and very entertaining! Keep it up!

Super interesting, not creepy like some podcasts

Not me waking up on Thursdays thinking “it’s true crime creepers day!!” love this podcast!! I have been listening since the beginning. my favorite episode was either the Texas cheerleader or the fyre fest one. Kristen and Mogab are really funny and I like their funny tangents during the story. I literally listen to every episode ASAP after it comes out. Love you guys!! Emma

So grateful for this podcast

Kind of a sad review, but my little sister was recently diagnosed with leukemia and I needed something to listen to, to keep myself distracted during these tough times. I am so grateful that I found this podcast, because listening to Kristin and Mogab has made me feel like I’m listening to my girlfriends tell me interesting stories on the phone. The true crime stories are fascinating, and their authenticity throughout is beyond endearing. Thank you True Crime Creepers, you have no idea how much your podcast has entertained, but more importantly, helped me.

My new favorite!

I heard about True Crime Creepers from a friend of mine who used to work with Mogab, and I was blown away! I love true crime podcasts, but this is by far my favorite one I’ve heard in this format. It’s delightfully unscripted and authentic. Kristin is thorough, concise and respectful and she has a great laugh! Mogab is smart, witty and totally endearing. Such a great dynamic between them. Highly recommend.

Omg! Love these ladies!!!

I think I found this show from listening to another true crime podcast! Kristin does a great job of picking, researching and telling the cases and Mogab has me giggling… a lot! Great show! CJ Beyond the Rainbow - True Crimes of the LGBT Podcast

Binge worthy

I have fallen in love with this podcast! It is very binge worthy! I’m super picky with my podcasts and a bit stuck up when it comes to listening to true crime but these ladies and this podcast are top notch! FIVE STARS!

My kind of girls!!

As a fellow Texan these girls crack me up! They are raw and genuine with their opinions and so informative about cases that aren’t usually covered. They will make you cry laughing and keep you on your toes. Highly recommend!!!!

Love this podcast!

I am fairly new to true crime podcasts and this is the perfect place to start! Kristen does a great job telling the stories and filling you in with all the necessary details (without being graphic) and Mogab is so funny. I would recommend this podcast to newbies like me and veteran true crime creepers!

Absolutely awesome!

I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and this is by far the BEST new one I’ve heard recently. Perfect amount of information and back-and-forth banter; stories that aren’t covered nearly as often; and you can also tell it’s not super scripted and I really like their personalities! I love the premise too, of a true crime creeper dishing it all to a newbie. Keep it up ladies I’m DEFINITELY a fan!! From a fellow Kentuckian 💙

For All Peeps & Creeps

Kristin and Mogab are phenomenal. Kristin’s research is well done and her synopsis is very succinct and informative. While telling the story - Mogab does NOT feel like merely the sidekick with stunted overdramatic gasps and random, forced questions of why; how come; did they? I also love that most of the stories that Kristin shares are either new-to-me. Or when they are tales I have heard before - it’s not the same regurgitation of information. A huge pet peeve of mine is when the narrators mispronounce words - especially words they use a lot. Thankfully these ladies do not. And of course, a massive plus in their favor is that their voices are not “annoying” or “whiny”. I don’t know how else to stress the fact that you should be listening to True Crime Creepers if you enjoy listening to intelligent people talking about factual, true crime with minimal sidetracking in a witty, well-thought out presentation.

Love the storytelling and the commentary!

I was a little skeptical about the concept of one person telling the true crime stories to someone who hadn't heard it for a reaction...but with these two, it works! Kristin does an amazing job of researching the stories and telling them in a way that gives you all the facts, but also captures the human interest. I also really appreciate that when things get off topic she brings them back quickly/edits the conversation so we stay on the story. I started listening about 8 months into the podcast's life so maybe this wasn't the case at the beginning, but Mogab is a newbie to the stories Kristin is telling, but not to the true crime game. Her commentary is funny and insightful and while I have heard of most of the cases this podcast covers, I still really enjoyed hearing about them the way these ladies present them. I also learned some new things about some of these cases that the Investigation Discovery channel did NOT tell me! Congrats ladies, I can't wait to hear more! 🔪

Entertaining and Hilarious

I LOVE this podcast. Kristin and Mogab are hilarious and their banter is super entertaining. I love hearing all the details Kristin has researched because it’s a lot more than you hear in the news. Can’t get enough of this!!

Favorite true crime podcast!

Love the dynamic between Kristin and Mogab! The cases are also really interesting and with the two of them its even better. It's me and my girlfriends go to podcast for all our drives. 😊

My Not-So-Guilty Pleasure

This podcast if fan-fricken-tastic. Kristin is incredibly intelligent and I love her insightful deep dives. Mogab is adorably aghast, as she learns about these cases, many of which she’s hearing for the firs time…somehow. If you’re a true crime fanatic: This. Podcast. Is. For. YOU!!

My new favorite!

I listen to a lot of different true crime podcasts and I am so glad I discovered this one! I usually don’t like a tone of banter but I could listen to these gals all day long. It’s also a plus that I’m also from the Houston area and can relate so much to a lot of the places they reference. Definitely my new favorite podcast! #byepeepsandcreeps #answerforyourcrimes

My new best friends that just don’t know it yet

I love this podcast! Great banter, but just the right amount so you get to love the hosts without being annoyed by them, well-told and well-researched stories, awesome nostalgic pop culture references. Definitely my new favorite, I only wish there were more because I’m all caught up!


I truly love this podcast! I love that they don’t do the crimes as other shows. The girls are amazing. They keep it very interesting. Not a lot of small talk!


I have been looking for months for a new true crime podcast. I have one that I listen to and love it and have not found one yet that holds a candle to it. UNTIL NOW! I love the back and forth between the hosts and it is well researched. I hope you keep going and look forward to future episodes.

new favorite

i love this podcast so much!

Newest Obsession

My new fave podcast to binge! Love dynamic of Kristen and Mogab :)

Best Nancy Grace impressions

I adore these ladies! Their chemistry is epic. It’s one of my favorite pods. Facts and humor what else could you ask for?

Balanced true crime

Found this podcast because you did the special on Adnan —which I loved!! It’s hard to find one that is about true crime yet lighthearted and witty at the same time, I enjoy the banter these ladies share! Keep doing what you’re doing :)

Love the Stories

Very entertaining and engaging.

A Must Listen To

I love listening to this podcast while working out! Sometimes I even extend my time at the gym so I can listen to more!


I wasn’t sure at first what I thought, but now I’m binging like CRAZY. I love the stories even though I know most of them already because I love their banter.


I wasn’t sure at first what I thought, but now I’m binging like CRAZY. I love the stories even though I know most of them already because I love their banter.

My favorite true crime podcast

Rating this podcast anything less than a 5 is a crime. I listen to this every week the day it comes out without fail and haven’t missed an episode. I found them via a TikTok podcast recommendation and I’m obsessed to say the least. Kristin is super knowledgeable about the topics and mogab ads fun commentary and makes it feel like she is learning with you. This is by far my favorite podcast and true crime source, I’ll even listen to repeat cases just because I love the dynamic so much!!

My favorite true crime podcast

Rating this podcast anything less than a 5 is a crime. I listen to this every week the day it comes out without fail and haven’t missed an episode. I found them via a TikTok podcast recommendation and I’m obsessed to say the least. Kristin is super knowledgeable about the topics and mogab ads fun commentary and makes it feel like she is learning with you. This is by far my favorite podcast and true crime source, I’ll even listen to repeat cases just because I love the dynamic so much!!

Let’s Get Real

This podcast is original because it’s made for the true crime enthusiast& the first time joiner. Each episode balances facts & details with funny antidotes that keeps it fresh for the true crime veterans & real funny for the newbies. I listen because I find both the storytelling of the crime & the dialogue throughout authentic and intriguing. I LOVE the podcast for the demands for people to ANSWER FOR YOUR CRIMES. It’s given at every level from the villain, to the poor investigative work, to the neighbor, and to the media. I love that when any year is given, I get a short & comedic update on what was cool that year and what the hosts were doing (peaking in high school, working at the Waffle, using a pager, etc.) just to get us ready for the rest of the story. And I really can’t stop laughing at the Nancy Grace (and honestly any) impressions. This is the only podcast I’ve really stuck with & I so look forward to new episodes each week!

Let’s Get Real

This podcast is original because it’s made for the true crime enthusiast& the first time joiner. Each episode balances facts & details with funny antidotes that keeps it fresh for the true crime veterans & real funny for the newbies. I listen because I find both the storytelling of the crime & the dialogue throughout authentic and intriguing. I LOVE the podcast for the demands for people to ANSWER FOR YOUR CRIMES. It’s given at every level from the villain, to the poor investigative work, to the neighbor, and to the media. I love that when any year is given, I get a short & comedic update on what was cool that year and what the hosts were doing (peaking in high school, working at the Waffle, using a pager, etc.) just to get us ready for the rest of the story. And I really can’t stop laughing at the Nancy Grace (and honestly any) impressions. This is the only podcast I’ve really stuck with & I so look forward to new episodes each week!


Love these ladies!

Soooo Good

This Texas girl absolutely loves this podcast. I feel like I am listening to my best girlfriends discuss my favorite subject of true crime. I am always entertained and NEVER disappointed in an episode. I look forward to the new episode every Thursday. I haven’t missed one yet and NEVER plan to!

Always excited for Thursday!!

I 🤍these ladies! Kristin’s true crime knowledge & Mogab’s innocence is a perfect combination. I also love the mixture of stories… sometimes it’s “nosy with the lights on”, “fyre for lyfe” or “super creepy”.

Love this podcast

Kristin and Mogab are the best!

Love love love

God I love this podcast so much! You will fall in LOVE with the hosts personalities and chemistry. Do a great job of telling the story while keeping it fun! It’s a bright spot in my week

Does Not Disappoint

5 stars for Kristin singing Ja Rule and Mogab saying what we were all feeling during the Fyre Festival podcast…”I have a stomach ache.” Love this sisters!

Podcast newbie

This is the first podcast I’ve listened to and I hope others are this interesting and fun. However… I binged all episodes and now I have nothing to listen to on trips to Target! Keep it up ladies!

Wish I could give more than 5 stars

I love love love Kristen and Mogab!! Their banter is so much fun. I need some “answer for your crimes” merch STAT!! I recommend it every time someone in a FB group asks for a true crime podcast. Could not recommend this more!!


I seriously love this podcast so much! can not recommend it enough! give it a try, you won’t regret it! I always find my self laughing along with these entertaining ladies! keep it up! ‼️💗🤩

I would totally be friends with these 2!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Kristen and Mogab! I feel like a fly on the wall listening to their conversations and I love every minute of it! I hate when podcasts sound scripted or like they’re reading off a paper- this podcast DEF DOES NOT! Give them a listen! You won’t be disappointed!


LOVE this podcast!! The hosts are so entertaining and really do their research. Perfect mixture of fun and serious ❤️

New favorite podcast

Kristin and Mogab are so good together on this show! The chemistry between these two combined with engaging storytelling by Kristin and perfect reactions by Mogab keeps me looking forward to each new episode. Kristin has a beautiful way with words and the storylines have so far been mostly unknown to me and very interesting, plus thought provoking. Well done ladies!

Sooo Good!

These ladies are great to listen to, they have good rapport, do interesting true crime stories and are empathetic about the case they are discussing. At the end of the episode they give resources or a shout out to a charity that deals with the topic they’ve chosen, which is very cool. I am so glad I stumbled upon this podcast. It’s now in my top 5 and each week I look forward to Thursdays. Listen and become fan friends of Kristin and Mogab. They’re hilarious and real, just the best!

Highly recommend

I found this podcast because I follow a lot of true crime podcast on Instagram and this podcast followed me so I accepted and gave it a listen and I can honestly say that I am so glad because I love the chemistry between the girls and the way they tell stories and mogabs reactions always match mine! So happy I found this ! True crime with a lil sarcasm and commentary Is the best!!! I loook forward to your episodes each week!!

Love this podcast!

UPDATE: I’ve listened to several other crime podcasts and none of them are as fun as True Crime Creepers Podcast (“fun” seems like the wrong word to use when talking about horrific crimes!) The convo about these crimes is much more “ear-friendly” than other pods where it’s just one person reading details. Those seem flat now after listening to Kristin & Mogab. Keep up the awesome work!! Such a great podcast that talks about some really crazy and horrific crimes. The relationship between Kristin & Mogab is serious #friendshipgoals. Thanks ladies for getting me through these days!

Best storytellers

Kristen and Mogab are the funniest and most descriptive storytellers and I LOVE listening at every new episode. They also pick some very interesting stories that you haven’t heard before.

A healthy balance of creep and funny!

This podcast is so great!!!! It’s the perfect mix of true crime and entertainment for nosy people everywhere who don’t want to be so scared that they have to sleep with a light on. Highly recommend.

subscribe now!

i give 7 stars on a 1-5 scale. kristen does a lot of studying for each episode, and MOGAB brings a buttload of funny comments and great insight. i’m picky and rarely leave reviews, but this one is worth the effort! :)

The best!

My favorite podcast to listen to wherever! I love the dynamic and the commentary. I’ll be cracking up in the gym as I listen and I love it. I’ve shared with my friends who also love true crime and hope this podcast keeps growing!

Love these girls

This podcast has been covering some great true crime creepers! Love the OG episodes that promoted charities to donate to. The girls are fun to listen to and keep the story moving with their real (unscripted) banter. I appreciate the mixed coverage of unknown cases and the bigger well known ones. Keeps me guessing and looking forward to listening each week!

Great stories!

These are great stories. The level of detail tells you how much research goes into these podcasts. Also Kristen and MOGAB are fun to listen too. Reminds me of listening in to my daughters chatting about whatever caught their imagination.

Just what I needed for my commute

I just started going back to the office after teleworking for a year , and I’m glad I found this podcast. These ladies keep me entertained during my commute!

Fun and Informative

I don't like Apple and I use a different podcasting app, but it was worth logging in to my seldom used accout to leave a review for these two. They have great repartee, are never boring, and keep my laughing. The audio quality and editing is well done. Props to Kristin for the research she does and how carefully she scripts the episodes to make sure Mogab gets to think out loud while they traverse the story. And props to Mogab for living under a rock and reminding us all just how shocked we should be by these crazy tales. Some of the episode topics I have read about or heard on other podcasts, but it is nice to have it said in a different way and hear how these ladies think about it. And some of the stories I have never heard of and are wild. Keep it up!

A must listen!!

I have been searching for a new true crime podcast and I am so glad I found this one!! I love the stories they tell and I especially love the girls! Their ability to keep things light while talking about dark things is amazing and makes listening so muc fun!

New Favorite!!

True Crime Creepers is a new favorite of mine! It’s just the right amount of banter and getting straight to the story! The hosts have great chemistry and I love the idea that one is a total “true crime newbie.” Just SO entertaining, subscribe and you will not be disappointed!

New favorite!

I am soooo picky when it comes to true crime podcasts but I found this one last week and I’ve been hooked ever since. This podcast reminds me a lot of Crime Junkie because of the thoughtful research, great storytelling, and bringing awareness and trying to help people. A lot of the cases are ones I’ve never heard about and there’s also a good range of different topics, not just murder. Kristin is a great storyteller too! I can’t stand when podcasters just throw a bunch of bullet point facts at you. Kristin actually tells it like a story that hooks you from the start, and also gets right into the story without a year long intro 😂 These girls have the PERFECT balance of storytelling and chit chat without going off on huge long tangents like a lot of other podcasts. They are also very sensitive to the victims and also the listeners (I love how the more graphic topics only have absolutely necessary details.) They are fun and relatable, informative and compassionate, and people I would love to share $5 sangria pitchers with!

Thank youuu

I love this podcast! I work for 11 hrs and love listening to them. I usually get tired of podcasts but these ladies are so good at it! I love them very much thank you ❤️

My new favorite podcast

Well-researches episodes and hilarious hosts!

Can we be friends?

I have been listening non stop at work for about two weeks and when the last episode ended there was silence and I don’t know what to do know that I’m caught up. I’m pretty sure we would be BFFs in real though. I feel like we are already, and that’s what makes me come back for more.


I love this podcast. They tell the stories well and keep you entertained! Highly recommended!!

So Awesome

I absolutely love these two ladies together. Great, funny and informative...great job!

The Best Crime Podcast

I’ve listened to a lot of crime podcasts and this one is by far my favorite. It’s engaging, funny, and keeps you on your toes. Highly recommend!!

Love It!

This podcast is great! Gets me to work and back home and I don’t even mind the traffic. ❤️❤️

Love it!

Great storytelling, and their insights and banter keep the crime part from getting too dark. Unlike so many true crime podcasts, this one is about creeps without being creepy itself. Well done!

Love this True Crime podcast!!

I’m so happy I found this true crime podcast! I love a good story teller and Kristin is the best!! I also enjoy Mogab’s insight and reactions as a true crime newbie. Keep up the great work Ladies!!

Strangely Attractive

I’m so not a fan of these two host, light hearted, giggling banter type podcasts but I swore I’d give it a listen after it was recommended in a social media group. I listened to one episode and said ‘that’s it I’m done’. A few weeks later, I needed something to listen to and didn’t want to search so I just clicked on another episode, and then let the next one play after that. Then I downloaded a few for the gym. So I still don’t like these two host banter style podcasts BUT I, strangely, keep coming back to this one.

True Crime Junkie

Love these girls. I’m always looking for new true crime podcast and when I received a friend request from y’all through Instagram I was so excited. Love that y’all are from Texas as well so I get those Texas stories I never heard about. Y’all are doing an awesome job and I can’t wait every week for the new episode keep up the Fantastic work!!!

Great even for people that hate podcasts

I never listen to podcasts. Literally never. I just get bored and stop paying attention. I also am not usually one for true crime. This podcast has kept my attention and made me chuckle throughout the two I’ve had a chance to listen to while dealing with freezing temperatures and days of no electricity. Thanks!

Not my normal cup of tea

You’re very entertaining. I like mystery and crime television but for podcasts my choices are normally space related non-fiction. You are good about grabbing my attention and keeping it. Thanks for keeping me warm tonight. (Winter storm 2021 48 hours no power)

Love it!

Mogab and Kristen are fantastic together! I love hearing their stories each week!


One of my new favorite true crime podcasts. Kristin is a great story teller and Mogab’s color commentary is truly amazing. Love listening to these ladies!

I’m hooked!

Such a great podcast, I binged all of the episodes in a couple days! Kristin & Mogab are so much fun to listen to!

Love this podcast!

I’m new to the world of true crime so this is the perfect mix for me, full of background and history to catch me (and Mogab) up, humor, and creepy true life stories! Love it!!

Great Podcast

Kristen and Mogab are so funny together! I’ve truly enjoyed every episode I’ve listened to. Looking forward to listening to some more!

A great new twist on true crime

Come for the true crime podcast feel, stay for the truly great interactions of the hosts

Thursdays are the best days!

The format of True Crime Junkie vs. True Crime Newbie is such a treat to listen to. Mogab asks the best questions- sometimes they are the best because you want to know the answer and sometimes they are the best because you’re like “DID SHE SERIOUSLY JUST ASK THAT?!?” Either way- win/win. Can’t get enough of this podcast!

So far my favorite podcast!

I have struggled to find a podcast I really enjoy but I actually love this, I look forward to seeing new ones!

Your new favorite podcast!

I struggle to find new podcasts that I really enjoy and can get into. Basically, I’m very picky. I am SO happy I found this podcast. Kristen and Mogab are hilarious and do a fantastic job of keeping you entertained from start to finish. I am loving all the cases so far and can’t wait to get my true crime fix every Thursday.

Horrifying and hilarious

How can one podcast make me both horrified and laugh until my cheeks hurt?! I’m not sure, but Kristin and Mogab do it.

New fav

I downloaded the Apple podcast app just to review this podcast because it’s so good. The connection between the hosts is so genuine and funny. The stories are interesting and they aren’t just murders which I really like! 100% would recommend

Love this podcast!

Kristin and Mogab are great hosts! I love their rapport. I found this podcast after hearing about the Lululemon murders and now I’m hooked!

Love it!

Love true crime and love supporting fellow DGs even more! ❤️

Sweet voices...creepy crimes

How can two sweet sounding ladies cover such sad and at times, horrific stories of real life crime?!? Kristen does a great time building the story and Mogab’s quips bring the listener back to reality that not everyone is troubled enough to commit some of these crazy stories!! I love that they highlight an org at the end so that we can actually do something!! Love following this pod. -Long time listener, first time reviewer :)


Im so happy I found this podcast! The story telling is perfect, Mo Gab is hilarious 🤣 Love these girls 💓💓💓


I’m always looking for a funny true crime podcast that gets the correct info and is interesting and True Crime Creepers definitely delivers! Highly recommend!

Love it!

I love True Crime Creepers! It’s like a good book that you can’t put down. Kristin and Mogab have the perfect balance of storytelling and commentary. Every episode leaves me wanting more.

Awesome True Crime Podcast!

Absolutely loving this podcast! I’ve listened to SO many True Crime podcasts and it’s a new favorite. I look forward to new episodes because I’m almost finished binging!


Absolutely love your podcast!

Awesome True Crime Podcast

I’ve listened to many true crime podcasts and this one is at the top. Great stories! Highly recommend!! Keep the content coming!

High light of my ride to work!

Love it! So entertaining!

Great find

Just found this podcast this morning and I can’t wait to binge. Great chemistry between hosts. Easy to listen to.

Caught up on a week!

Love the episodes! You guys have a great chemistry. The different crimes you have selected have me so captivate. Even the ones I have heard about before were so interesting because of your perspective! I actually shared your podcast in another podcast Facebook group because you deserve all the ratings and subscribers. Can’t wait to continue creeping with you ladies!

Learning something new!

Kristin does a great job explaining the cases with facts. I also enjoy the mix of terrible, horrible crime cases and “can you believe this person pulled this off” cases. Mogab has some great one liners and love how her opinion changes throughout the episode. Thanks Kristin for introducing me to cases I’ve never heard of!

Hidden gem!!!

I am a lover of all things true crime and I am always looking for a new podcast to listen to and you two had me hooked from the first episode I listened to. I actually binged all the episodes and put all other podcast on hold. Keep it up ladies.

My new favorite podcast

Found y’all when scrolling through true crime podcasts trying to find a new podcast since I’m caught up on all my go to. So happy I came across y’all. Y’all are awesome.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for suggesting your podcast in crime junkies of texas! I absolutely love it! 5 stars from me! ❤️❤️

Love this!

Great podcast. Love the information of each episode! And, it gives me some good laughs along the way. Check it out!

So entertaining!

I absolutely love this podcast!! Kristin is amazing at story telling! She does a fantastic job describing the scene, with just the right amount of details to keep you intrigued. Both her and Mogab are funny which makes the podcast quite entertaining.

Amazing podcast

If you’re new to true crime or a seasoned regular, this podcast wont disappoint! Kristin is a wonderful host and Mogab has me laughing throughout. Five stars from me!

So entertaining

Love how she tells the story and finding new information out. A great podcast for crime lovers.

Love this podcast!!

Such a great podcast! The research is top notch and the writing is excellent! Subscribed!

Great true crime podcast

I really enjoy these two as they talk about true crime. They have the perfect balance of conversation and detail about each case. I love how deep they dive into each of the cases they investigate. Keep the episodes coming!

Love it!!

Love this podcast! So entertaining, the stories are so good, and Kristin is such a great storyteller. Mogab’s commentary is perfection and makes me laugh out loud! Highly recommend!!

So glad I found this!

Love this podcast! Saw it recommended and so glad I checked it out! Its so entertaining it’s addicting! Like a book I can’t put down! Can’t wait for the next episode!

So far, so good!

There are a million true crime podcasts out there, so two big factors come into play: the content and the hosts. After just a few episodes, I’m already hearing stories I had not heard elsewhere. As for the stories that are more commonly covered, that’s where the second factor come into play. Kristin does a great job with her research, writing, and story pacing. Both she and Mogab offer great commentary that is relatable, but not watered down or insultingly obvious to the listener. They are off to a great start and I can’t wait to hear more.


I love this podcast! The hosts are so relatable it’s like I know them! And I love the various perspectives they provide and the critical analysis they make of each case and the critique they provide in regard to the solving and handling of the cases by the police state. Will definitely be back every time they drop a new episode! It’s a must listen!!