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Love this show and need more of it

So fun, so engaging, hilarious convos. Great for fans of true crime and, really, for anyone. I know they put out a lot of episodes but I need more! The contrast between the hosts is great. Mogab is a great audience stand-in as we dive into these stories. Love this show! #nosywiththelightson

Very good! Love it!

This podcast is informative and super funny. I love their laughter, it makes me smile. Give this a listen and follow for sure!

Do y’all need a little sister??

I am a true crime fanatic. My dad is in prison, but I am finally free. I listen to podcasts all day long, most are pretty vulgar and in depth of details. Not with these gals, which is always nice to hear what I love but it also be more lighthearted.. if true crime could even be that. I’m also very picky on voices, but Kristin you’re a great talker and story teller and Mogab with the comebacks are just enough to make you giggle a time or two. I just recently came across them and assumed they were super socially popular, but they genuinely make me feel like im talking to my older sisters and it’s been a good week of binging everyday from the beginning and I cannot recommend them enough! OH, also unpopular opinion but the Scott Peterson episode ✨totally✨wrecked my brain and I do not think he’s guilty after hearing Kristins perspective!

Adjacent to the Famous Adjacent

As a a fellow Texan, it is a joy to listen to Kristin and Morgan!! My daughter and I are both listeners. I love all the references to the Lone Star State (although Texas needs to answer for it’s MANY recent crimes!)! Am I right?!? Many other true crime podcasts attempt to follow this format but most fall short. Kristin and Mogab have great banter and bring in funny back stories. I love that Mogab is getting more actively involved in Kristin’s retelling (She’s learning so much!)! So happy to have found your podcast!!


I commute an hour and a half to work and your podcast has saved me and kept me entertained! Thanks so much I’ve been looking for an amazing listen !


Let me just say….I am not a true crime newbie. I have been listening to true crime and watching dateline since way before I should have. This podcast though, is my new obsession. I find myself laughing, being absolutely horrified and crying all during one episode. I learn fascinating facts….like the difference between freeways and highways. I also have the incredible urge to go check out a Waffle House (why are they not in Oregon?). Keep up the good work ladies. I look forward to being a screen shot in your texts! Casey from Oregon ❤️

New Favorite True Crime Pod!

I love this show! The story is easy to follow and well researched, and these two have great energy and chemistry! It is a fun listen (even though the subject matter is very dark so maybe fun isn’t the right word). Very well done show! I was told about the show by some DG sisters and glad they did! (ITB!)


OMG After just one listen you chicas ROCK. Psst… always wondered why I couldn’t go trick or treating. And literally in my back door.

Absolutely my favorite!!

Stumbled upon this amazing true crime podcast that I am now binging because I can’t get enough! I, like Mogab, haven’t heard most of these stories so am sitting here clueless right along with you girl!!

Famous adjacent squared

I’m glad I stumbled upon you ladies! Usually “side hosts” are pretty useless… but Mogab is the literal best! You two crack me up! Although I’ve already heard most of the cases you have, I don’t mind listening to them at all because you have soooo much more content!! Btw - you really did a # on me with the Scott P. Case… I’m so confused it hurts my brain. Ps Kristen… I love your “mmmhmm” 🤣

Perfect pair!

I just came across this podcast a few weeks ago and I love it! Kristin and Mogab are so funny together while still telling these stories respectfully. Love, a fellow DG sister!

My new little weekly treat!

Mogab and Kristen are just TOO funny. This podcast is like hanging with two girlfriends and hearing about true crime. I love the combination of Kristen telling the story while Mogab listens and is completely CLUELESS about pop culture references. You learn a little something about victims right, police procedure and the workings of the criminal mind. This podcast really is worth a listen!


I can’t wait to hear the new podcast every Thursday! I appreciate Mogab and Kristen. LOVE them and their banter. Listening now… rodeo jewelry and her grapefruit tree. I just can’t. Can we please meet Linda from LaPorte… before rodeo season is in full swing?


Call me weird, because I am, but I love funny true crime pods with witty banter and details and this one has it. They’re truly funny, sarcastic, have great chemistry and cool shows and info. Really good pod. If you don’t like witty banter and laughing when hearing about murder stories and details then it’s not for you, but obviously you don’t have a sense of humor and take life too seriously.

Amazing podcast!

My only complaint is that, for some mysterious reason, I always crave waffles while listening. 🤔🧇

Awesome podcast

I have some catching up to do on other crime podcasts because all i have been listening to is true crime creepers. Love it, so entertaining also, Lets just say it’ll never be the same asking for a high chair ever again haha ( you’ll understand when listen to amy bishop episode)

Love these two girls!!

I listen to this podcast at the gym, at work, while, I clean, and even in the car. The bond between these two friends is so amazing. Even though it is about true crime they somehow keep it light. Kristin’s laugh is contagious! And I love how Mogab is always lost in the sauce. Especially when she said “Cher is in Clueless?” 🤣😂. Thanks for keeping me entertained ladies!!

Tha Best

Y’all! I ran out of episodes of one of my other crime shows and just came across TCC because I got obsessed with Adnan Syed…. Anyway, this is my FAV podcast ever!!!

I love this podcast!

I love listening to this podcast while I work! It makes me laugh, gets me riled up, makes me cry. Such a wonderful duo and very fun to listen to.

Love these two!!

Such an great podcast!!! One of my faves, their banter is hilarious. Mogab is mostly clueless about pop culture (same, girl..) as well as the crimes Kristin tells her about. Kristin does great research and hearing Mogab put the pieces together as Kristin tells the story is so funny. The stories are tragic (usually) but some are lighter than others.. I loved the Anna Sorokin episode. They do a good job of balancing telling the story with going waaaay off topic talking about The Fast and the Furious and the Waffle House.. highly recommend this podcast (and if you love it join their Patreon - it’s so good!!)

My new favorite ❤️

Love this podcast - look forward to each new episode.


If you love true crime this is a great podcast! I have embarrassingly been binging this podcast. It gets into a lot of different cases but also does a great job with comedic relief. 100% recommend.

Perfect combination of compassion and humor!!

I just recently found this podcast and absolutely love!! Everything is just right, the humor, the banter, deep dives and most of all the compassion. Looking forward to many more episodes!


Listened to this podcast on a road trip and it was a great listen!

New Crime Podcast Queens!

I love both Kristen and Mogab. They’re show is literally incredible. I recommend their show to every true crime fanatic I meet!


I am the best person ever and as such i only listen to the best things ever. Therefore, this is the only podcast I listen to. ✌🏾


Love these two girls. Not too much banter in the beginning of each show. They pretty much jump right in. I love banter, don’t get me wrong but they do it while talking about the show. I wanted to listen to something similar to morbid and Sinisterhood and this is pretty close!

My first review ever 😁

Absolutely love Kristin and Mogab’s relationship! I find myself laughing out loud with them like we have been friends for years! Mogab not knowing anything until the recording is priceless and feels so genuine… unlike other super scripted podcasts! These girls are my new favorites!


I’m a theatre teacher in the Clear Lake area (what’s up Kristin!?) and I learned about your podcast when a parent showed up in your merch! Been binging it ever since…I literally cannot get enough - as soon as I finish binging I'm becoming a patron - I listen to a lotta true crime and that’s not something I’ve ever done before. These ladies are fantastic and Mogab’s commentary feels like every non true crime friend I try to casually tell true crime stories to 🤣

Can’t Miss this Duo

This is truly entertaining and data driven. If your time is limited, move this one to the top of your list. The balance of humor and facts makes this series worth every minute. These two story tellers are going to leave their mark on crime podcasts!