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Horse J*zz Facial at the Waffle House

I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts, and I’m really picky about them. When I first stumbled on TCC, I was expecting another passable true crime pod hosted by two educated young white women who have good chemistry. I got that and more. They have a beautiful balance of humor and respect, hot takes and objectivity, personal anecdotes/tangents and deep focus on the topic at hand. They really understand what works in a podcast, and every week since that first discovery, I’ve enjoyed the ride, and appreciated their approach. Until today, I’ve been a freeloading, non-patreon-subscribing, non-review-leaving weed who appreciated and consumed the content but never felt compelled to comment or contribute. But this is what occurred to me today as I listened to this story about America’s worst case of municipal fraud: only these two could pull this off. I spent an hour of my busy life absolutely rapt. About municipal fraud. I was envisioning the mini-series. Who would play Rita? WHO WOULD PLAY SWAN?? What about Swan’s confused husband? Oh my god how much money did she make on horse semen? And IS there a TikTok beauty trend that we don’t know about?! ANSWER FOR YOUR CRIMES!! xoxox 10 out of 10 im a listener forever and now a patron goodbye!

Crimes are solved!!!

I just found this podcast a couple days ago and I can’t stop listening. I love it! The best part is we actually get to find out what happens in the crimes. But the chemistry between the hosts is great too. Definitely love, love, love!

Excellent storytelling!

Hooked with the charisma while telling the stories!

So much Yessssssss!

Mogab you are my spirit animal. That is all. Kristen is the chefs kiss of story tellers. I was a true crime newbie 6 months ago and now I belong to The Patreons and can’t get enough. If you don’t know if you should listen to this podcast let me help you out. Yup! Do it! Do it now! Your house will be the cleanest it’s ever been and you check list will have all the check because all you will want to do is listen. So good ladies! So good!! Keep up the great work! Y’all are fab-u-lous.

Love this

Great show, delivery, research! Really like the fact that they don’t swear through the whole thing!


They don’t feel the need to do the banter for the first 25 minutes of the episode like some other podcasts and I love that they do murders we haven’t usually heard of

Need friends? Say hello to your new besties

I started listening when they were about 50 episodes in and now I’m true crime obsessed. When I caught up to the latest episode I started looking for other podcasts and was disappointed. There really isn’t another like this. These two are my favorite to listen to as I can tell only the story is scripted. Thank you both for helping me get through busy weeks and providing me a fake social life - friends to gab with between meetings. Keep it up ladies!

It’s giving true crime

Look, I’m lazy as hell…so the fact that I actually took time to write this shows how great this podcast is! The stories are very interesting and well researched, and well presented. Kristin and Mogab are very funny and I love their dynamic! I would like to ask if they can maybe throw in some “creepy” content…like paranormal stories. I would love to hear Mogab’s thoughts on something like Mothman, haha. Love you guys and hope you read this. ♥️

Sister love

Hey Ladies, I love listening to you. I can’t stop and am trying to catch up. I was a DG at Texas State as well a few years before you both. It takes me back hearing stories of San Marcos. Love that place. Keep up the great work. ITB Lisa

My favorite true crime podcast!

Had to give you ladies a review (my first review ever!)- wanted to brighten your day! Paying it forward because you two brighten mine. I’m a true crime fan to the core and your podcast is literally my favorite. Keep up the great work!

I love them!

I started off with just one episode trying to find a new podcast (I was all caught up on TCO) so I just popped on their newest one and my god, their friendship is hilarious. I love how they interject their lives into each episode. After my first episode I went back to the beginning and it’s wonderful to listen to their growth and the audio changes the make as the podcast develops! I adore you ladies!! Thank you !

Best podcast ever

I’ve listened to so many true crime podcasts and tv shows. This is hands down the best one. I binged every episode within a couple of months and I’m obsessed! The girls hosting are so funny and always have a great perspective. Also the story telling skills are 10/10. I enjoy how cases are told and how each one can feel like a mystery I’m trying to solve.

Currently binging.

Recently found this podcast and I have been binging every second that I can since I found them! They complement each other well! The talk during the show I know others don’t like but I think it helps lightens to reality of some of these horrible cases so that I don’t cry during them. ( I have never found any of the commentary disrespectful; although I tend to be on the “colder” side and think people need to shut up and stop being snowflakes and offended by everything). Keep up the great work ladies, you have gained a subscription and a lifelong listener!

my favvv !!!

i listen all day at work

They Are My Peeps of The Week

I love the format of this podcast. You honestly feel like you are hearing a story from a best friend and part of the conversation. Mogab’s reactions and insights are genuine (she says a lot of the things I am thinking as Kristin gives the story). Kristin tells a great story and her voice impressions are funny. If you are looking for entertainment and learning about some true crime this is the podcast for you!

Best podcast

I’ve never felt the urge to review a podcast but this is by far my favorite true crime podcast. I feel like they are my friends. It’s sensitive and funny and creepy and just so good. I’m recommending to everyone.

Low Key Obsessed!

I have never managed to get into a podcast before, but there’s something about the way y’all tell and receive these stories that just draws me in! I might spend all of my time in the car listening to True Crime Creepers wondering what I’m going to do when I get caught up. 😅Also got my husband into it the other day! So thankful my son was in Kristin’s class this year, and we got to talking about her podcast so I could check it out! He got in the car from school the other day and I hadn’t paused it yet, “uhhhhh Momma, is this Ms. Williams…??” 🤣

My new favorite!

Love these girls! They’re hilarious but compassionate and respectful to the victims.


I’m obsessed with these two! I feel like we would be best friends in real life. They're hilarious and relatable. Kristin tells the stories so well with as much information and honesty as possible. Binge listened to the entire podcast and ignored all my other favorites for awhile, I can’t get enough!

I Love these hosts!

I’m a fan of true crime, but a bigger fan of the two hosts. Great balance of crime & a conversation between life long friends.

Love these two!

Love the way Kristin tells stories. Mogab cracks me up. Reminds me of myself some days! They both are great!

Favorite true crime podcast!

My sister introduced me to this show and it has become the one podcast I wait for religiously! The way they interact really keeps me entertained and really draws me into the story’s!

Are there only 5 stars?

I absolutely love listening to these ladies. During an episode centered in WV I had an issue with the way the state was presented and I brought it up in a fb group. Kristen happened to be apart of that group, saw my (hastily and rudely) made post - really sorry about that - and in the next weeks episode apologized and mentioned all the great things I’d said about our state. I love that the two of you are so down to earth and even when I was being a rude a**, fixed things and made them better. I’m back to being a weekly listener and always look forward to your content. Forever a fan. ❤️


I love these guys!! Best podcast ever!!

Famous adjacent squared

Edit*** I wrote this review months ago but clearly never hit the send*** I’m glad I stumbled upon you ladies! Usually “side hosts” are pretty useless… but Mogab is the literal best! You two crack me up! Although I’ve already heard most of the cases you have, I don’t mind listening to them at all because you have soooo much more content!! Btw - you really did a # on me with the Scott P. Case… I’m so confused it hurts my brain. Ps Kristen… I love your “mmmhmm” 🤣

The best!

Hands down one of my favorite true crime podcasts! They are such a great duo! I wish I could be best friends with them! Lol ❤️

Love these 2!

That’s all. Totally love them. Just listen-you’ll love them too!! Much love to you guys from C-bus!!

Love these girls!

Kristin and Morgan remind me of me and my friends. So funny! I just started listening to these podcasts andI’m hooked!

I would give this 10 stars if I could!!

I honestly find it so hard to come across a true crime podcast that I truly love! For some reason, the way the story is told can make me love it or hate it! There are some pods that are telling such interesting stories but the way it’s delivered is so cringe and I can’t get through just one episode! With that being said, I freaking love this podcast! Not only do I love be the delivery but you girls are so flipping funny! Mogab is hilarious and I love that Kristen thinks her friend is so funny. Honestly, you girls are a treat to listen to! I am so happy I found this podcast!!!

My New True Crime BFFs!!!

I randomly found y’all yesterday and have been BINGING ever since!!! I love you both equally, but Kristin’s laugh is EVERYTHING 🙌🏼😂 #obsessed