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Jan. 28, 2021

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy
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This week, Kristin tells Mogab all about Brittany Murphy and the mysteries surrounding her death. Brittany Murphy was a talented actress who starred in movies like Clueless, Girl Interrupted, Just Married, and 8 Mile. When she was 32, Brittany died suddenly of supposed "natural causes". People were confused - how could a healthy 32 year old woman die suddenly of natural causes? And then her husband, Simon Monjack, started doing interviews, and boy were they CREEPY.  It made people wonder - could there be someone to blame for Brittany's death? 
Kristin and Mogab also debate such philosophical questions as who is better: Eminem or TI? Is it offensive to compare Brittany Murphy to Lucille Ball? Is it a crime to have seen not a single one of her movies? 


Brittany Murphy: The Mysterious Circumstances Surrounding Her Death by Rachel Chang

The Final Difficult Days of Brittany Murphy by Alex Ben Block

Brittany Murphy's Brother Makes Fresh Claims over actress's Sudden Death

Does a Chilling Tape from Beyond the Grave Prove Brittany Murphy's British Husband Could Have Been Saved? 

Cold Medicines Contributed to Brittany Murphy's Death, Coroner Says

Coroner: Brittany Murphy Didn't Abuse Alcohol or Drugs

How Did Brittany Murphy Die? Here Are the Creepy Details You Didn't Know

Staph Infections by Larry Bush


The Issues of Recreational Use of Klonopin

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