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April 22, 2021

FRAMED: Kelli Peters

FRAMED: Kelli Peters
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Kelli Peters was just out there living her best life, volunteering at her daughter's school while running a small business painting tie-dyed jeans, when a police officer came to the school to say he needed to speak to her.  The officer told her that they'd gotten a call that she'd been driving at the school under the influence of drugs, and that she had drugs in her car parked at the school. Kelli was shocked. The worst thing she'd ever done in her life was that time she threw her company phone out the window after she'd quit. So she let the officer search her car, and low and behold - they find the drugs. "They're not mine!" Kelli insisted, like every other person in that situation.

But Kelly wasn't lying. It turns out, Kelli had an enemy. 


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