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Feb. 25, 2021

Megan Meier and the MySpace Hoax

Megan Meier and the MySpace Hoax
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It was September, 2006 and Megan Meier was 13 years old when the MySpace friend request popped up. It was from a boy named Josh Evans, and everything about him was perfect. Maybe a little too perfect... Talking to Josh made Megan happier than she'd been in a long time, because she experienced low self esteem and depression. Seemingly out of nowhere, Josh turned on Megan and began firing hateful messages at her, and this ended in absolute tragedy. But little did anyone know, Josh Evans wasn't real. Someone close to her was behind it all...

The Megan Meier Foundation 

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Friend Game by Lauren Collins

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Megan Meier Police Reports

Exclusive: Teen Talks About Her Role in Web Hoax That Led to Suicide by Jonann Brady

Verdict in MySpace Suicide Case by Jennifer Steinhaur

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