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July 1, 2021

Starvation Heights: The Murder of Claire Williamson

Starvation Heights: The Murder of Claire Williamson
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The worst mistake Claire Williamson ever made was the day she responded to an ad in a Seattle daily newspaper to ask for a copy of Fasting for the Cure of Disease, a book by Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard. Claire and her sister, Dorothea, who went by Dora, were extremely close and extremely wealthy, heirs to a fortune of nearly 29 million that they alone controlled, but they were obsessed with one thing: fad cures. Cures for what, you might ask? I have no idea because both Claire and Dorothea seemed to be in perfectly fine health. Neither of them suffered from any serious illness. But Claire especially could not let this search for wellbeing go. She would die to be healthy. 


Starvation Heights (Gregg Olson)

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Murderpedia | Linda Burfield Hazzard (Crow, C.J., Ellis, Fullerton, and Morris, JJ)


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