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Oct. 7, 2021

The Disappearances of Typhenie Johnson and Taalibah Islam

The Disappearances of Typhenie Johnson and Taalibah Islam
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On October 10, 2016, within a 90 minute time frame and surrounded by friends and family, Typhenie Johnson vanished.  She’d been making dinner for a date at the apartment she shared with her brother and his girlfriend when her ex, boyfriend, Chris Revill, showed up. They argued downstairs for awhile, and when Chris came back up to the apartment he told everyone she’d gotten in a car with someone and left. She was never seen again.

Several miles away, the Islam family was watching the news when Typhenie’s disappearance was announced. They were shocked. Taalibah Islam had disappeared almost 10 years earlier after having a new baby with Chris Revill. And he’d had a very similar story for the Islam family when Taalibah went missing…

Domestic violence resources:
The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Intimate Partner Violence Resources


Local Profile | The Link Between the Disappearances of Two North Texas African American Women (Alexandra Cronin)

JUSTIA | Christopher Revill v. The State of Texas Appeal
from 213th District Court of Tarrant County 

Fort Worth Star-Telegram | Ex-boyfriend Sentenced to Life for Kidnapping Woman Who Has Not Been Seen Since 2016

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