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March 4, 2021

The Free Britney Movement Part 1

The Free Britney Movement Part 1
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This week, Kristin and Mogab dive into the major rabbit hole that is Britney Spears and the Free Britney Movement. For the past 13 years, Britney Spears has been living under a legal conservatorship that has complete control over her person and her estate. It controls who she talks to, where she lives, what she eats, what jobs she can take, and how she spends her money. The person in control of all of this is her father, Jamie Spears, someone that Britney has never been close to.
In part 1, Kristin tells Mogab all about what led up to Britney being put under the conservatorship. We all watched Britney's decline through tabloid and paparazzi eyes, but what's the real story?  #FreeBritney!

Glamour | The Britney Spears Conservatorship Situation Fully Explained (Abby Gardner)

Quad City Times | Britney Spears Drives with Son on Her Lap (AP)

Los Angeles Times | Spears is Released from UCLA Hospital Psychiatric Ward (Andrew Blankstein and Richard Winton)

 Daily Mail | Britney Spears Claims Never Seen Letter Silenced Threatened Team (Cheyenne Roundtree)

Los Angeles Times | Precision Teamwork in Spears Operation (Andrew Blankstein, Scott Gold, and Richard Winton)

ABC News | Could Britney Be Committed Against Her Will? (Emily Friedman)

VICE | Behind the Mental Health Law That Kept Kanye West in the Hospital (Emalie Martha)

BabyGaga | Under Her Father's Control: 15 Rules Britney Spears Has To Follow (Cynthia Levy)

Daily Mail |Our Annulment was Bull***t... I was in Love with Her: Britney Spears' Ex Jason Alexander Opens Up About Pair's 55-hour Marriage (Sarah Bull)

Cosmopolitan | The Upsetting Reason Britney Spears Shaved Her Head in 2007 (Daniella Scott)

MTV News | Britney Spears Shaved Head, Gets Tattoo (Corey Moss)

People | Britney Spears's Father Says She Was 'Out of Control' (Courtney Rubin) 

MTV News | Britney Spears Was Drugged, Controlled by Sam Lutfi, Parents Allege (Jennifer Vineyard)

People | Who's in Charge of Britney Spears' Money (Howard Breuer and Marla Lehner)

Oxygen | Who Is Sam Lutfi, The Controversial Figure Seen Alongside Britney Spears Just Before Her Conservatorship? (Gina Tron)

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