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April 29, 2021

The Lawsuits of Taylor Swift and Kesha

The Lawsuits of Taylor Swift and Kesha
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It's Mogab's BIRTHDAY EPISODE!! It's a two for one episode today where Kristin tells Mogab all about that time our girl, Taylor, was assaulted at a meet and greet, and then sued because of it! The level of audacity is high in this one.

Then, Kristin tells Mogab about Kesha's court situation against her producer, Dr. Luke. Just after Kesha signed a 6 year record deal with Dr. Luke's label, he (allegedly) raped her. Kesha has done everything possible to get out of this contract with her abuser, but the system continues to fail her. You will not listen to 'Praying' the same again.


A full list of sources can be found here:
Episode 29: Taylor Swift & Free Kesha Sources 

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