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Nov. 19, 2020

The Murder at Lululemon

The Murder at Lululemon
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Kristin tells Mogab about the murder of Jayna Murray, a 30 year old supervisor at the Lululemon store In Bethesda, Maryland. She and her coworker, Brittany Norwood, were brutally attacked In the store after closing by two masked assailants, and though Brittany managed to survive the horrific ordeal, Jayna tragically lost her life. The case would prove tricky to solve, and would take the police on twists and turns as they attempted to put together the evidence from the crime scene.


“The Yoga Store Murder: The Shocking True Account of the Lululemon Athletica Killing” by Dan Morse

Brittany Norwood found guilty of first degree murder in Lululemon trialby Dan Morse and Michael S. Rosenwald

A twist in the Lululemon murder story reminds us that most crime isn’t random. by Christopher Beam

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They rely on the generous donations from friends, corporate partners, money raising events and others for donations which in turn allows the foundation Board of Directors to make annual scholarship distributions to schools and organizations which contributed to Jayna’s academics, athletics, faith, travel, fine arts and overall personal growth.

The purpose is to honor Jayna Troxel Murray by supporting and promoting her life interests and passions. The foundation goal is to promote these interests which were prominent and instrumental in defining and enriching Jayna’s life with the intended outcome of bettering the lives of others.

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