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Oct. 21, 2021

The Murder of Annie Le

The Murder of Annie Le
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Annie Le disappeared on September 8, 2009, 5 days before she was to marry her college sweetheart. She left her apartment that morning to head to the Yale campus where she was doing research as part of work towards a doctorate in Pharmacology, but when she never arrived home that night, her worried roommate called the police. Police conducted a search and were able to find Annie on the surveillance cameras walking into the research lab, but they couldn't find her anywhere on the cameras leaving the building, and she wasn't found inside the building. It was like Annie Le had simply vanished.


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Boots Read “Ray-C” (Melissa Bailey and Paul Bass)

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Was Found

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Chest, Arms, Back ( Sharyn Alfonsi, Lee Ferran and Russell Goldman)

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NY Daily News | DNA Shows Annie Le's Blood on Yale Lab
Tech Raymond Clark Boots; Green Pen clue Eyed: Investigators (Michael Daly)

Investigation Discovery | See No Evil Season 6 - Episode 14: Cold Feet

YouTube | Friends of the University of New Haven Library:
Prof. Dadio - "Murder at Yale, the Annie Le Story"


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