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Feb. 11, 2021

The Murder of Betty Gore

The Murder of Betty Gore
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This week, Kristin tells Mogab about the ax murder of Betty Gore. In a small town in Texas, Candy Montgomery just wanted to have an affair. She wanted something to shake up her boring housewife life, and she set her sights on Betty's husband, Allen. A year later, however, Betty would end up murdered after being struck with an ax over 40 times. How did this happen? How could a petite housewife with no history of violence do something like this? And what would her defense be at trial? And where are they now!?

Love and Death in Silicon Prairie - Texas Monthly by Jay Atkinson and John Bloom

The Murder of Betty Gore at the Hands of Desperate Housewife Candy Montgomery by Kim Bryan

Candy Montgomery: The Desperate Housewife Who Murdered Her Good Friend by Sarah Mangiola

The Most Infamous Ax Murder in Collin County History by Alexandra Cronin

True story of ax murderer Candy Montgomery from Secret Lives of Stepford Wives by Asa Hawks

LEFT TO WONDER 20 years after the ax slaying of Betty Gore, victim's daughters still have questions by Doug Swanson

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