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May 4, 2023

The Murder of David Harris

The Murder of David Harris
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It's Kristin's birthday, so what better way to spend it than finally finishing her non-consecutive series on the Women of Clear Lake who snapped? This week, we are talking about the murder of David Harris. David was a successful dentist in the Clear Lake area of Houston. His marriage with his wife, Clara, had been deteriorating after he confessed to her that he'd been having an affair with his receptionist, Gail Bridges. He promised to break things off with Gail, but said he wanted to take her to dinner to tell her it was over, and Clara agreed. But as this dinner got closer and closer, Clara got more and more agitated. She finally decided to hire a private investigator to spy on this dinner and make sure everything was going according to plan. But when Clara discovered David was actually meeting Gail at the Hilton Hotel, she decided to confront them, and no one expected how that confrontation would end.

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