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Feb. 3, 2022

The Murder of Jennifer Cave

The Murder of Jennifer Cave
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When Sharon Cave got a call that her 21 year old daughter, Jennifer, had not shown up to work, she was worried. Jennifer lived about 3 hours away in Austin, Texas, and there wasn't much Sharon could do except call around to all of Jennifer's friends, hospitals, even morgues. She was able to find out that Jennifer had gone out with a friend of hers the night before named Colton Pitonyak, but when Sharon spoke to Colton he told her he didn't know where Jennifer was. When she still hadn't been found by the next day, Sharon and her boyfriend, Jim Sedwick, decided to make the drive to Austin. Jennifer's car had been found in the parking lot of Colton's apartment, and Sharon knew that behind his door lay the key  to Jennifer's whereabouts. When Jim finally managed to get inside the apartment, he was not prepared with what he would find.



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