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Nov. 18, 2021

The Murder of Jessica Dishon

The Murder of Jessica Dishon

On September 10, 1999, Edna Dishon arrived home in the afternoon to see her 17 year old daughter's car in the driveway. Jessica should have still been at school, so Edna went inside the house to see if she'd stayed home sick that day, but Jessica wasn't there. She called the school and found that Jessica had never arrived. But when she looked inside her car, she knew immediately that something was terribly wrong. Inside were Jessica's backpack, purse, phone, and one shoe inside. Her phone had two numbers punched in: 9-1. Edna and her husband, Mike Dishon, rushed to the police station to report Jessica missing, but the sheriff's deputy didn't see any cause for concern. He told them Jessica probably ran away, or maybe she was at the football game. He told them to come back the next day if Jessica didn't come home. But Jessica never came home. 


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