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Jan. 19, 2023

The Murder of Josiah Lawson

The Murder of Josiah Lawson
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In 2017, David Josiah Lawson was a student at Humbolt State University with big plans for his future. He was the first in his family to go to college, and was majoring in Criminal Justice with plans to become a lawyer and later enter politics. But before the end of his sophomore year at Humbolt, Josiah Lawson was murdered. He'd been at a party with his girlfriend and some friends, when a fight broke out. At the end of it, Josiah had been fatally stabbed. Everyone knew who he'd been fighting, and it seemed it was very clear who had done this. But the justice system disagreed.



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Redheaded Blackbelt | Five Years After Unsolved Homicide of David Josiah Lawson, A Family's Continued Fight For Justice Faces Election Of A New Humboldt County District Attorney (Ryan Huston)

Times Standard | Jurors Agree Kyle Zoellner Was Maliciously Prosecuted, Awarded at least $700K (Sonia Waraich)

NBC News | Mother of Slain Humboldt State University Student Josiah Lawson Continues Fight for Justice Four Years After He Was Stabbed to Death At A College Party (Freddy Brewster)

Justice for Josiah Lawson

Times Standard | ‘I’m Still Here’: David Josiah Lawson’s Mother Searches for Justice in Son’s Fatal Stabbing 5 Years Later 

North Coast Journal | 'Blood Money' Charmaine Lawson: Settlement Means Nothing, Focus is on Justice (Thadeus Greenson)

Yahoo News | A Mother's Fight for Justice: Mother of Slain Humboldt State University Student Calls on Public to Come Forward (Freddy Brewster)

Case Text | Lawson v. City of Arcata

North Coast Journal | Protests Follow Grand Jury's Decision Not to Indict Suspect in Lawson Case (Iridian Casarez)

ABC News | Juror in Lawson Case Speaks Out, Calls Grand Jury Process 'Gross Failure' (Nazy Javid)

The North Coast Journal | Please, Come Forward (Charmaine Lawson)

Behind the Redwood Curtain / Humboldt a Separate World of Misty Groves, Offbeat Towns and Protected Wildlife -- and One Wild Race (John Flinn)

The Mercury News | Humboldt County Has State's 2nd Highest Homicide Rate. Why? (Robert Peach)

ABC News | Judge Overturns $750k award in Kyle Zoellner Civil Case (Austin Castro)


YouTube | SoCal Connected | Season 10, Episode 2 - Who Killed Josiah Lawson?

Transcripts and Documents From Josiah Lawson Murder Case

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