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Nov. 12, 2020

The Murder of Laci Peterson Part 2

The Murder of Laci Peterson Part 2
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Did Scott Peterson really kill his wife, Laci? This is the question that haunts Kristin as she takes Mogab through the conviction of Scott Peterson in Part 2. They discuss the trial, the evidence against Scott, and all the evidence the jury never got to hear. Kristin discusses the antics of a jury that could have their own reality show, and gives Mogab some compelling alternate theories. 

Sources for this episode: 

The Murder of Laci Peterson on A&E

Court Documents:
Conner's Autopsy
Defense witness testimony
Defense exhibits
People's exhibits
People's witness testimony

Fox News: Scott Peterson Had Several Affairs
NBC News: Coroner Finds Plastic 'Noose' Around Peterson Baby's Neck
NBC News: Amber Frey Unravels Scott's Lies
ABC News: What police found in Scott Peterson's car after Laci Peterson's body was discovered
CNN: Detective reveals new evidence in Peterson case
New York Times: Scott Peterson’s Death Sentence Is Overturned
The Alta Journal: A Tale of Two Killings


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