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May 12, 2022

The Murder of Larry McNabney Part 1

The Murder of Larry McNabney Part 1
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It was late 2001, and ads for Larry McNabney’s personal injury law firm in Sacramento were running constantly, and he always ended the ads with the same sign off - I’m Larry McNabney. Call Me. Only, people had been trying to call him, and no one had been able to speak to him for months. They might be able to get a hold of his wife and office manager, Elisa McNabney, or the office assistants, Ginger Miller and Sarah Dutra, but they would just always say that Larry was in rehab for his alcoholism or on vacation at a spa. 

But after several months went by and Larry still hadn’t returned to his law office, his friends and family started to worry. They realized that the last time anyone had actually seen him was while he was in Southern California for a horse show. But no one that was there could remember the details of their last encounter with Larry because that horse show had been on September 11, 2001, the day the World Trade Center was attacked in New York. 

Everyone was so focused on the news, and it was such a chaotic and confusing time, that no one could remember the details of that day, which made investigating his disappearance really tough. Because the truth is, Larry McNabney wasn’t in rehab, and he wasn’t on vacation or at a spa. Larry was dead. This is the murder of Larry McNabney.

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