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June 10, 2021

The Murder of Martha Puebla

The Murder of Martha Puebla
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Martha Puebla was 16 years old when she became a victim of gang violence,  gunned down while sitting outside her house chatting with friends. The suspect was obvious - Jose Ledesme and Mario Catalan had been arrested for another murder and told that Martha had identified them as the shooter. But instead of going after Jose and Mario, investigators arrest Mario's little brother, Juan Catalan, for the murder of Martha Puebla. Proving his innocence would require a wild goose chase involving the Dodgers, HBO, Larry David, and an enormous amount of luck.

The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles seeks to achieve equal justice for people living in poverty in Los Angeles. Click here to learn more or donate, or search for a legal aid foundation in your community.


The Los Angeles Times | Interrogation, Then Revenge  (Joel Rubi & Ari B. Bloomekatz)

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The Los Angeles Times |  2 Men Charged in Valley Slayings (Jean Guccione and Andrew Blankstein)

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Court Documents
Study Lib | Document 18288765

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