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April 21, 2022

The Murder of Sherri Rasmussen

The Murder of Sherri Rasmussen

John Ruetten was absolutely in love with his new bride, Sherri Rasmussen. She was the total package: beautiful, fun to be with, and very smart.  At 29, she was already the director of nursing at the hospital she worked at in Van Nuys, California, and she even lectured internationally on critical care nursing. But it all came to a sudden end when John arrived at their townhome just a few months after they'd gotten married to find her dead on the living room floor. He had no idea who could have done this, and told detectives neither of them had any enemies, anyone that would have wanted to hurt them. But Sherri's father, Nels, disagreed. Detectives were certain that this had been a burglary gone wrong, and as they explained that to Nels, he asked them: "Have you checked out John's ex-girlfriend? The lady cop?"

John's ex was a police officer named Stephanie Lazarus, and according to Nels, she'd had plenty of run-ins with Sherri that made Nels uneasy. But no one was listening to him.

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