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Jan. 6, 2022

The Murder of Steven Mineo

The Murder of Steven Mineo
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Steven Mineo had been a devoted follower of cult leader Sherry Shriner for all of his adult life. He considered Sherry a prophet of God, and believed her when she preached about Alien reptiles that had come to Earth to take over human bodies, and how these "reptilians" would lead to the return of the antichrist. Through Sherry's devoted online community, Steven met Barbara Rogers, and it wasn't long before they were referring to each other as husband and wife. Everything seemed great, until one day Sherry suddenly turned on Barbara and Steven, and her entire online community followed suit...

Disclaimer: Mogab was on location over the holiday break when we recorded this, and despite our best efforts, her audio is not up to our usual quality.

A huge thanks to these sources:

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