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Sept. 30, 2021

The Murders of Carl and Kathleen Schroll

The Murders of Carl and Kathleen Schroll
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Elizabeth Horton received a phone call from her daughter, Kathleen Schroll, in the middle of the night, telling her Pete was in the house, he was going to kill her husband Carl, and then kill her.  Right away, Elizabeth's son, Randy, called 911 to report the phone call, but by the time police arrived at the Schroll's, it was too late. Carl's body was found in the bedroom, and Kathleen was lying dead in the living room. Both died of gunshot wounds. When police found out about the phone call, and how Kathleen had been in a bitter court battle with a man named Pete Coones over his father's life insurance money, it was crystal clear to police who had committed the murder. But as more information was discovered, there was nothing crystal clear about this case at all...


Chilling Crimes | Olin Pete Coones

Heavy. | Kathleen & Carl Schroll Died in
Murder-Suicide Staged as a Double Homicide 

KMBC News | KCK Man Who Spent 12 Years in Prison for
Double Murder Released, Charges Dropped (AP)

The National Registry of Exonerations | Conviction
Integrity Units

Court Documents
Olin Pete Coones V. State of Kansas

Dateline | The Phone Call

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