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Aug. 26, 2021

The Mysterious Disappearance of Angela Green

The Mysterious Disappearance of Angela Green
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Angela Green was 51 when she disappeared in 2019.  Her husband, Geoff Green, initially had a very odd explanation for Angela's disappearance. He told their 19 year old daughter, Ellie, that he'd been worried about Angela's mental state, and he'd arranged it so a psychiatric hospital would take Angela from a grocery store parking lot and commit her to their facilities. He said there was a struggle when they took her, and he didn't want Ellie to visit for her own safety. He wouldn't even tell her where the hospital is . Several days later, Geoff broke the news to Ellie - he'd gotten a call from the hospital telling him that Angela had died of a stroke in their care. Geoff said he paid a man from the hospital to cremate her and return her in an urn, which was at his house. He told Ellie they were not going to have a funeral, and he asked her not to tell Angela's family she was dead. Only, there's not a record of Angela's death anywhere in the United States. So what happened to Angela Green? Where is she? 

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If you have information about Angela Green, please contact: 
Prairie Village police at 913-642-6868 or 
the anonymous Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS (8477)


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