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Oct. 27, 2020

The Questionable Case of Richard Glossip

The Questionable Case of Richard Glossip
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Welcome to the first episode of True Crime Creepers! In this episode, Kristin tells Mogab the story of Richard Glossip, who Is on death row In Oklahoma for hiring Justin Sneed to kill his boss, Barry Van Treese. His conviction Is based almost solely on Sneed's word, with no good evidence connecting him to this crime. How did the word of an accomplice carry enough weight to secure a conviction?

Just a warning that Mogab's audio quality is not tip top because she accidentally recorded through airpods Instead of the nice mic she has. Whoops. This has been rectified in all other episodes. 

Sources for this episode: 
The documentary "Killing Richard Glossip" by Investigation Discovery 
Richard Glossip entry on Wikipedia 
"Two truths and a lie: What records, interviews reveal about Richard Glossip’s murder conviction" by Cary Aspinwall 

Every week we want to highlight an organization that does good work to support the topic for the week. This week, we are highlighting the Ministry Against the Death Penalty. 
Support the Ministry Against the Death Penalty at https://www.sisterhelen.org/donate/

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