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Dec. 17, 2020

The Texas Cheerleader Assassination Plot

The Texas Cheerleader Assassination Plot
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This Is about as Texas as it gets, peeps and creeps! Wanda Holloway wanted nothing more than to be a Texas high school cheerleader, but those dreams were dashed when her father refused to let her try out. But as we all know, the point of daughters is to allow their mothers to live vicariously through them. When Wanda had her daughter Shanna, she knew that one day she would see her cheerleading dreams fulfilled through Shanna. There was just one thing standing In her way - Verna Heath and her daughter, Amber. Wanda knew there was only one way to ensure Shanna got on the squad - assassinate Verna and Amber.
This is a true crime podcast, y'all. I can't make this stuff up.


The Cheerleader Murder Plot by Mimi Schwartz In Texas Monthly, 1991

Cheerleader’s Mother Guilty in Murder Plot By Michael Kennedy, LA Times

The Texas Cheerleader Case: A Daughter's Painful Journey by Anne Long and Kristen Mascia


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