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Sept. 23, 2021

The Yates Family Murders

The Yates Family Murders
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It was June 20, 2001 when Russell "Rusty" Yates got a phone call from his wife, Andrea Yates, telling him to come home. The couple had 5 children: Noah (7),  John (5), Paul (3), Luke (2), and Mary (6 months), and Rusty worried that something was wrong with one of them. When he asked if any of them were hurt, Andrea said yes. When he asked who, Andrea said, "All of them."

It wasn't until he arrived home that he would discover the awful truth - Andrea had drowned each of their 5 children, one by one, in the bath tub. It was an unfathomable crime, and horrified the entire nation. What could possibly lead to something as heinous as this happening?

This is part 2 of Kristin's non-consecutive, so far 3 part hometown series: "The Women of Clear Lake Who Snapped."

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  - Phone number 1-800-273-8255 

Postpartum Support International


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