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New to podcasts but LOVED this one. Definitely recommend!

Informative in an entertaining way

Kristin does a great job of story telling true crime in a clear, edge-of-your-seat, yell-at-the-screen, highly engaging manner. Mogab’s authentic reactions and commentary help lighten the seriousness of some of the content. It’s apparent these ladies take the time to thoroughly research everything they say. I cannot wait to see what they come up with! Also, the sign off? Needs to be on a shirt! #peepsandcreeps

The Best!

I loooooooove this podcast! Despite the fact that it’s my cousin she is amazing in her research.


Didn’t think I would ever find myself listening to an hour podcast on a rape mystery but these ladies did a great job telling the story of a sad mystery rape. Very easy to follow and listen to!

New to TrueCrime pods

I’m new to true crime podcasts and recently dove down the rabbit hole. This is the best one I have found! Very interesting, informative, and easy to follow along! Keep it up!