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New favorite podcast

Kristin and Mogab are so good together on this show! The chemistry between these two combined with engaging storytelling by Kristin and perfect reactions by Mogab keeps me looking forward to each new episode. Kristin has a beautiful way with words and the storylines have so far been mostly unknown to me and very interesting, plus thought provoking. Well done ladies!

Sooo Good!

These ladies are great to listen to, they have good rapport, do interesting true crime stories and are empathetic about the case they are discussing. At the end of the episode they give resources or a shout out to a charity that deals with the topic they’ve chosen, which is very cool. I am so glad I stumbled upon this podcast. It’s now in my top 5 and each week I look forward to Thursdays. Listen and become fan friends of Kristin and Mogab. They’re hilarious and real, just the best!

Highly recommend

I found this podcast because I follow a lot of true crime podcast on Instagram and this podcast followed me so I accepted and gave it a listen and I can honestly say that I am so glad because I love the chemistry between the girls and the way they tell stories and mogabs reactions always match mine! So happy I found this ! True crime with a lil sarcasm and commentary Is the best!!! I loook forward to your episodes each week!!

Love this podcast!

UPDATE: I’ve listened to several other crime podcasts and none of them are as fun as True Crime Creepers Podcast (“fun” seems like the wrong word to use when talking about horrific crimes!) The convo about these crimes is much more “ear-friendly” than other pods where it’s just one person reading details. Those seem flat now after listening to Kristin & Mogab. Keep up the awesome work!! Such a great podcast that talks about some really crazy and horrific crimes. The relationship between Kristin & Mogab is serious #friendshipgoals. Thanks ladies for getting me through these days!

Best storytellers

Kristen and Mogab are the funniest and most descriptive storytellers and I LOVE listening at every new episode. They also pick some very interesting stories that you haven’t heard before.

A healthy balance of creep and funny!

This podcast is so great!!!! It’s the perfect mix of true crime and entertainment for nosy people everywhere who don’t want to be so scared that they have to sleep with a light on. Highly recommend.

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i give 7 stars on a 1-5 scale. kristen does a lot of studying for each episode, and MOGAB brings a buttload of funny comments and great insight. i’m picky and rarely leave reviews, but this one is worth the effort! :)

The best!

My favorite podcast to listen to wherever! I love the dynamic and the commentary. I’ll be cracking up in the gym as I listen and I love it. I’ve shared with my friends who also love true crime and hope this podcast keeps growing!

Love these girls

This podcast has been covering some great true crime creepers! Love the OG episodes that promoted charities to donate to. The girls are fun to listen to and keep the story moving with their real (unscripted) banter. I appreciate the mixed coverage of unknown cases and the bigger well known ones. Keeps me guessing and looking forward to listening each week!

Great stories!

These are great stories. The level of detail tells you how much research goes into these podcasts. Also Kristen and MOGAB are fun to listen too. Reminds me of listening in to my daughters chatting about whatever caught their imagination.

Just what I needed for my commute

I just started going back to the office after teleworking for a year , and I’m glad I found this podcast. These ladies keep me entertained during my commute!

Fun and Informative

I don't like Apple and I use a different podcasting app, but it was worth logging in to my seldom used accout to leave a review for these two. They have great repartee, are never boring, and keep my laughing. The audio quality and editing is well done. Props to Kristin for the research she does and how carefully she scripts the episodes to make sure Mogab gets to think out loud while they traverse the story. And props to Mogab for living under a rock and reminding us all just how shocked we should be by these crazy tales. Some of the episode topics I have read about or heard on other podcasts, but it is nice to have it said in a different way and hear how these ladies think about it. And some of the stories I have never heard of and are wild. Keep it up!

A must listen!!

I have been searching for a new true crime podcast and I am so glad I found this one!! I love the stories they tell and I especially love the girls! Their ability to keep things light while talking about dark things is amazing and makes listening so muc fun!

New Favorite!!

True Crime Creepers is a new favorite of mine! It’s just the right amount of banter and getting straight to the story! The hosts have great chemistry and I love the idea that one is a total “true crime newbie.” Just SO entertaining, subscribe and you will not be disappointed!

New favorite!

I am soooo picky when it comes to true crime podcasts but I found this one last week and I’ve been hooked ever since. This podcast reminds me a lot of Crime Junkie because of the thoughtful research, great storytelling, and bringing awareness and trying to help people. A lot of the cases are ones I’ve never heard about and there’s also a good range of different topics, not just murder. Kristin is a great storyteller too! I can’t stand when podcasters just throw a bunch of bullet point facts at you. Kristin actually tells it like a story that hooks you from the start, and also gets right into the story without a year long intro 😂 These girls have the PERFECT balance of storytelling and chit chat without going off on huge long tangents like a lot of other podcasts. They are also very sensitive to the victims and also the listeners (I love how the more graphic topics only have absolutely necessary details.) They are fun and relatable, informative and compassionate, and people I would love to share $5 sangria pitchers with!

Thank youuu

I love this podcast! I work for 11 hrs and love listening to them. I usually get tired of podcasts but these ladies are so good at it! I love them very much thank you ❤️

My new favorite podcast

Well-researches episodes and hilarious hosts!

Can we be friends?

I have been listening non stop at work for about two weeks and when the last episode ended there was silence and I don’t know what to do know that I’m caught up. I’m pretty sure we would be BFFs in real though. I feel like we are already, and that’s what makes me come back for more.


I love this podcast. They tell the stories well and keep you entertained! Highly recommended!!

So Awesome

I absolutely love these two ladies together. Great, funny and informative...great job!

The Best Crime Podcast

I’ve listened to a lot of crime podcasts and this one is by far my favorite. It’s engaging, funny, and keeps you on your toes. Highly recommend!!

Love It!

This podcast is great! Gets me to work and back home and I don’t even mind the traffic. ❤️❤️

Love it!

Great storytelling, and their insights and banter keep the crime part from getting too dark. Unlike so many true crime podcasts, this one is about creeps without being creepy itself. Well done!

Love this True Crime podcast!!

I’m so happy I found this true crime podcast! I love a good story teller and Kristin is the best!! I also enjoy Mogab’s insight and reactions as a true crime newbie. Keep up the great work Ladies!!

Strangely Attractive

I’m so not a fan of these two host, light hearted, giggling banter type podcasts but I swore I’d give it a listen after it was recommended in a social media group. I listened to one episode and said ‘that’s it I’m done’. A few weeks later, I needed something to listen to and didn’t want to search so I just clicked on another episode, and then let the next one play after that. Then I downloaded a few for the gym. So I still don’t like these two host banter style podcasts BUT I, strangely, keep coming back to this one.

True Crime Junkie

Love these girls. I’m always looking for new true crime podcast and when I received a friend request from y’all through Instagram I was so excited. Love that y’all are from Texas as well so I get those Texas stories I never heard about. Y’all are doing an awesome job and I can’t wait every week for the new episode keep up the Fantastic work!!!

Great even for people that hate podcasts

I never listen to podcasts. Literally never. I just get bored and stop paying attention. I also am not usually one for true crime. This podcast has kept my attention and made me chuckle throughout the two I’ve had a chance to listen to while dealing with freezing temperatures and days of no electricity. Thanks!

Not my normal cup of tea

You’re very entertaining. I like mystery and crime television but for podcasts my choices are normally space related non-fiction. You are good about grabbing my attention and keeping it. Thanks for keeping me warm tonight. (Winter storm 2021 48 hours no power)

Love it!

Mogab and Kristen are fantastic together! I love hearing their stories each week!


One of my new favorite true crime podcasts. Kristin is a great story teller and Mogab’s color commentary is truly amazing. Love listening to these ladies!