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I’m hooked!

Such a great podcast, I binged all of the episodes in a couple days! Kristin & Mogab are so much fun to listen to!

Love this podcast!

I’m new to the world of true crime so this is the perfect mix for me, full of background and history to catch me (and Mogab) up, humor, and creepy true life stories! Love it!!

Great Podcast

Kristen and Mogab are so funny together! I’ve truly enjoyed every episode I’ve listened to. Looking forward to listening to some more!

A great new twist on true crime

Come for the true crime podcast feel, stay for the truly great interactions of the hosts

Thursdays are the best days!

The format of True Crime Junkie vs. True Crime Newbie is such a treat to listen to. Mogab asks the best questions- sometimes they are the best because you want to know the answer and sometimes they are the best because you’re like “DID SHE SERIOUSLY JUST ASK THAT?!?” Either way- win/win. Can’t get enough of this podcast!

So far my favorite podcast!

I have struggled to find a podcast I really enjoy but I actually love this, I look forward to seeing new ones!

Your new favorite podcast!

I struggle to find new podcasts that I really enjoy and can get into. Basically, I’m very picky. I am SO happy I found this podcast. Kristen and Mogab are hilarious and do a fantastic job of keeping you entertained from start to finish. I am loving all the cases so far and can’t wait to get my true crime fix every Thursday.

Horrifying and hilarious

How can one podcast make me both horrified and laugh until my cheeks hurt?! I’m not sure, but Kristin and Mogab do it.

New fav

I downloaded the Apple podcast app just to review this podcast because it’s so good. The connection between the hosts is so genuine and funny. The stories are interesting and they aren’t just murders which I really like! 100% would recommend

Love this podcast!

Kristin and Mogab are great hosts! I love their rapport. I found this podcast after hearing about the Lululemon murders and now I’m hooked!

Love it!

Love true crime and love supporting fellow DGs even more! ❤️

Sweet voices...creepy crimes

How can two sweet sounding ladies cover such sad and at times, horrific stories of real life crime?!? Kristen does a great time building the story and Mogab’s quips bring the listener back to reality that not everyone is troubled enough to commit some of these crazy stories!! I love that they highlight an org at the end so that we can actually do something!! Love following this pod. -Long time listener, first time reviewer :)


Im so happy I found this podcast! The story telling is perfect, Mo Gab is hilarious 🤣 Love these girls 💓💓💓


I’m always looking for a funny true crime podcast that gets the correct info and is interesting and True Crime Creepers definitely delivers! Highly recommend!

Love it!

I love True Crime Creepers! It’s like a good book that you can’t put down. Kristin and Mogab have the perfect balance of storytelling and commentary. Every episode leaves me wanting more.

Awesome True Crime Podcast!

Absolutely loving this podcast! I’ve listened to SO many True Crime podcasts and it’s a new favorite. I look forward to new episodes because I’m almost finished binging!


Absolutely love your podcast!

Awesome True Crime Podcast

I’ve listened to many true crime podcasts and this one is at the top. Great stories! Highly recommend!! Keep the content coming!

High light of my ride to work!

Love it! So entertaining!

Great find

Just found this podcast this morning and I can’t wait to binge. Great chemistry between hosts. Easy to listen to.

Caught up on a week!

Love the episodes! You guys have a great chemistry. The different crimes you have selected have me so captivate. Even the ones I have heard about before were so interesting because of your perspective! I actually shared your podcast in another podcast Facebook group because you deserve all the ratings and subscribers. Can’t wait to continue creeping with you ladies!

Learning something new!

Kristin does a great job explaining the cases with facts. I also enjoy the mix of terrible, horrible crime cases and “can you believe this person pulled this off” cases. Mogab has some great one liners and love how her opinion changes throughout the episode. Thanks Kristin for introducing me to cases I’ve never heard of!

Hidden gem!!!

I am a lover of all things true crime and I am always looking for a new podcast to listen to and you two had me hooked from the first episode I listened to. I actually binged all the episodes and put all other podcast on hold. Keep it up ladies.

My new favorite podcast

Found y’all when scrolling through true crime podcasts trying to find a new podcast since I’m caught up on all my go to. So happy I came across y’all. Y’all are awesome.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for suggesting your podcast in crime junkies of texas! I absolutely love it! 5 stars from me! ❤️❤️

Love this!

Great podcast. Love the information of each episode! And, it gives me some good laughs along the way. Check it out!

So entertaining!

I absolutely love this podcast!! Kristin is amazing at story telling! She does a fantastic job describing the scene, with just the right amount of details to keep you intrigued. Both her and Mogab are funny which makes the podcast quite entertaining.

Amazing podcast

If you’re new to true crime or a seasoned regular, this podcast wont disappoint! Kristin is a wonderful host and Mogab has me laughing throughout. Five stars from me!

So entertaining

Love how she tells the story and finding new information out. A great podcast for crime lovers.